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Home > How To > How to restrict a number from appearing on any caller ID?
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How to restrict a number from appearing on any caller ID?

How to restrict a number from appearing on any caller ID?

By  Matthieu Andre 2019-02-18 5538 0

Fed up of unknown callers keeping calling you every second? Cyber attack became the outmost critical point as for Internet of Things. Intrusion hacked may occur when you leak your personal information on unofficial websites. Giving a safe call can be challenging and may rely on cyber awareness. So, how to ensure it? Here are few tips to block a restricted number on your phone.

 unkown  phone number

1. Using a blocking code

For most of people, intrusion hacked is one of the biggest risks due to a leak of your personal information’s on unofficial websites. Damaging massively your device, an international dialer was implemented to block your call by adding a prefix code to your undesirable number.

Using a blocking code  

For example, if you receive an unknown call from France, and you are currently living in China, your prefix code will be 3651. A look-up in a brief catalogue will outline all specific international codes for blocking caller ID. Nevertheless, this process may not work if the caller ID is calling from an APP such as for example Skype. Because the number is unregistered, unknown and offset, the difficulty to track down your caller ID is extremely poor. Therefore, the best way is to use a third party Application as explained in the next section.

2. Using a third party Application

Since the emergence of cyber attack, high-tech solutions were developed by downloading a third party Application. One of the largest and biggest Applications blocking your call is from Google voice, compatible on different versions. Before downloading this APP, an account must be created to stop your unknown call. Ensuring a perfect safety on your device, his multifunctional options span a complete safeguard detecting any fraud, abuse or spam on your device. Not exhaustive, the list includes text message, voicemail, and messages. Assuming you set up your APP before, please follow steps:

On Android and iOs

● Open Google voice APP 

● Open the tab for voicemail, messages or calls

Open the text message, call or voicemail

● Tap More

● Tap People and Options if you receive text message

●​ Block number

Using Google voice APP  

Exclusively free on Google Play Store, both versions display same features avoiding a breach in your privacy. Though the performance and security may differ between them, Google users would rather use Android than iOs for its ratings. In parallel, management account on iOs is much more advanced and smooth by offering an excellent flexibility in your settings. Therefore, if your Google Application may not work functionally due to a new upgraded version, and you keep receiving unknown call, you can still sort out issues by applying a filter.

3. Filter your call

Developed by third party Applications, a filter call differ in term of subscriptions. Each notification received will alert your phone and detect your ID caller in order to permanently block the number. Requiring therefore a subcontract with an official APP compatible on different versions, the safety risk management will be zero so that cell phone hackers won't be able to reach you. If you want to filter your call, please follow steps:


On Android:
On iOs:
1.  Open the filter APP 1. Open the filter APP
2. Tap Account 2. Tap Get call filter
3. Tap Subscription Status 3. Tap Suscribe
4. Tap Subscribe now  

Filter your call  

Mostly used in case of spying, or intrusion, you can also report your number to your third-party APP identifying the ID caller. If you feel a filter call is not working efficiently and is too expensive, a traditional free method by muting your phone will help you to tackle all your issues, as explained cf-below.

4. Put on silent mode

If you keep receiving call anytime by unknown caller ID, put on silent mode via APP. The function downloaded won't ring the phone once you attached your undesirable numbers and will result by a missing call. Among other things, you won't hear the ring tone and you can partially enjoy your current activity.


Put on silent mode  


However, by setting your silent mode, you won't block permanently your unknown caller and you may need to set your volume up again while calling. Safety risk management will be thus higher causing spam call or even a slow running phone. General attention is thus primary if you want to keep your privacy before setting your silent mode.


Nevertheless, if you keep receiving massive calls, get annoyed and can't ignore the call due your temporary silent mode, contact your carrier to restrict permanently your undesirable number as shown in next section.

5. Contact your carrier

Most carriers are able to block between 10 to 30 contacts under certain conditions. The subcontract signed between you and your current carrier must include a payment allowing your carrier to restrict unnecessary calls. Meaning the carrier will swift your number and block it through a robot caller, you will be responsible for identifying the ID caller marked as anonymous.

Contact your carrier  

Generally open 24/24h, the customer service will help you to fix all your issues with straight forward directions in case of any questions. This will give you a clear understanding of steps but also will help you to understand how to set your Parental Control efficiently once your subcontract is ready. Largely used for safety risk management such as for example protecting child against cyber attack, it will play a restrictive role in your device to prevent cyber awareness.


Nevertheless, if you would prefer a cheaper cost and better safety, you can check one of the top 4 best selling phones of this year.

Wrap up

Overall, getting an ordinary call requires extra attention due to advanced technologies. Cell phone hackers can steal your data and breach your privacy. Therefore, let's summarize solutions to block your call:

- First, use a blocking code by adding a prefix code when you receive an unknown call.

- Secondly, download a third party APP to either filter your call or monitor and control your settings by blocking your unnecessary numbers.

- Thirdly, put on silent mode when you feel aggressed by massive attacks.

- Finally, contact your official carrier to restrict undesirable phone numbers.



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