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Home > How To > How to save your phone? Stop doing these 6 habits now!
How to save your phone? Stop doing these 6 habits now!

How to save your phone? Stop doing these 6 habits now!

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-10 1555 0

Your phone is a tech marvel but so delicate. But 6 habits will kill it, or at least significantly shorten its lifespan.

Unfortunately, most of you will already be adopting them without realizing it. Follow this guide to stop using your favorite phone incorrectly.

1. Your case is damaging your phone

Most users use a protective case to prevent phone damage. Some will even decorate cases with a lot of “bling”, especially female owners.

But it’s actually harmful to charge the phone without removing the case first.

Phone batteries inevitably generate heat when charging. A case reduces heat dissipation, resulting in the battery overheating, and a shorter battery life.

Tip: Remove your phone's case/cover before charging to improve ventilation and heat dissipation, to prevent long-term damage to your phone battery-especially if it’s non-removable.


2. Always keeping your power charger on

One habit is always keeping the wall charger on, i.e. plugged into an outlet. This is harmful as the constant current can lead to overheating if it’s plugged in all the time.

There is also a hidden danger. Apart from damaging the phone battery, another more serious risk exists: causing a fire (especially if the charger is third-party).


Tip: Pull the plug after the phone has fully charged; reduce damage to the charger and the phone battery. And potentially prevent a fire.


3. Using the phone while charging

We all love to multi-task. But using phones while they’re charging is harms the battery, the device and the charger due to the extra strain on components.

Ideally, only charge when the battery has 20% to 30% power left. Virtually all current mobile phones utilize Li-ion batteries and, unlike last-gen MH-Ni, do not need to expend all power before charging.

Tip: Don’t use the phone when charging and only charge it when the remaining charge is low.


4. Keeping your phone on for longer than 24 hours 

Keeping a mobile phone on for excessive periods is not recommended. Aside from the potentially serious impact on battery life, it can also degrade phone performance.

Overuse will greatly shorten the service life by causing permanent damage to components. It just takes one of them to fail.


Tip: Remember to turn your phone off, e.g. when charging. This ensures that the internal hardware is not always in constant use.


5. Always having Bluetooth and WiFi on

Frequent and “always on” use of Bluetooth and WiFi will definitely drain your battery.

Ask yourself if you really need to use Bluetooth when there are no devices nearby, or WiFi if there are no hotspots around.

Tip: Only turn the two on when you plan to use them immediately, this will give you an additional hour or more of battery life


6. Leaving the phone in extreme temperatures

Just like people, mobile phone also have an optimum operating temperature range: usually 0°C to 40°C. Excessively cold or hot environments outside this range will damage fragile hardware.

If you always use your phone exposed outside in freezing winter or hot summer, this will compromise the phone’s longevity.

Tip: If possible, avoid using the phone outside in extreme weather conditions. Wait until you’re indoors.

Wrap up

We hope you have found these tips useful. We love phones as much as you, so spend a little time to look after it, and it will look after you! 


Some of these pictures are selected from network, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about them.

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