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Home > How To > How to select a long spin time fidget spinner
How to select a long spin time fidget spinner

How to select a long spin time fidget spinner

By  Zim Watson 2017-05-25 8005 9

Prefer a long spin time fidget spinner? Want to get one long spin time fidget spinner? Read this post, we can give you some information on how to pick up one long spin time fidget spinner.
How to select a long spin time fidget spinner

How to select a long spin time fidget spinner

One of the greatest joys that the fidget spinner fans chase is to compare whose spinner can spin the longest time. It's kind of competition. Therefore, how long the hand spinner can spin becomes a vital rule when they select a fidget spinner. Sure, for some fidget spinner lovers, they don't care about it, they just want to play with the spinner and want it just to be a fidgets spinner.

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fidget spinner spins 

This is a post for those who care about the spin time fans.

It's not difficult to do the test if you have enough spinners, so that you can compare the blade numbers, weight, material, shape, and so on, to know the relationship between these factors and spinning time. However, the hand spinner is not easy to get, sure you don't have enough source to do the test. As a sweet shopping website, we Gearbest has done this research for you spinner fans, hope all you can pick up a favorite long spin time fidget spinner when shopping online.

A fidget spinner is made of two parts - a bearing and the blades, but the factors that may influence the spinner's spin time are bearing balls, blade number, weight, and material. We have done a test to record each fidget spinner, the result is below:

  Picture Material Blade
Bearing ball
Weight Spin time Price
1 Retro Dual Bar Copper Hand Spinner Stress ADHD Relief Toy Brass 2 9 73g 04:41.61
2 Crwon EDC Hand spinner Brass 4 7 159g 02:48.73  
3 Tri-spinner ABS Triangle Fidget Spinner ABS 3 8 49g 02:46.47
4 Tri-blade Dazzling Wheel EDC Fidget Spinner Brass 3 7 77g 02:44.57
5 Fire Wheel Shining Fidget Spinner EDC Focus Toy ABS 7 8 44g 02:23.40
6 Steering Wheel Hand Spinner Alloy Round 10 52g 02:23.27
7 8-shape Dual-bar Hand Spinner Alloy 2 10 40g 02:12.65
8 Five-arm Star Style Fidget Spinner ABS 5 7 27g 02:11.70
9 High-speed Polygon Hand Spinner Alloy 2 10 35g 02:08.65
10 ABS Triangle Fire Wheel Fidget Spinner ABS 3 8 25g 02:07.17
11 Two-wing Ancient Coins Grain ADHD Fidget Spinner Alloy 2 8 27g 01:45.11
12 Focus Toy Colorful Finger Fidget Brass 3 8 38g 01:17.05
13 Thor Oval Colorful Best Fidget Spinner Brass Round 8 65g 01:09.79
14 Tri-blade Cool Hand Spinner Alloy 3 8 52g 00:59.75
15 ST - 06 Six-arm Colorful Wheel EDC Fidget Spinner Brass 6 7 55g 00:51.79
16 Rainbow Sharp Triple Hand Fidget Spinner Brass 3 8 81g 00:51.06


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From the above data:

1. We can find directly and clearly find that no matter what kind of the fidget spinner's material is, the bearing ball number is the most important factor that can affect the spin time. The more balls the bearing contains, the longer the fidget spinner can spin (very obvious in the Brass and Alloy data, except the special two).

Material Bearing ball number Spin time
Brass 9 04:41.61
Brass 7 02:48.73
Brass 7 02:44.57
Alloy 10 02:23.27
Alloy 10 02:12.65
Alloy 10 02:08.65
Alloy 8 01:45.11
Brass 8 01:17.05
Brass 8 01:09.79
Alloy 8 00:59.75
Brass 7 00:51.79
Brass 8 00:51.06


2. Compare the same bearing ball number fidget spinners in each material, we can find the blade number seems not so related to the spin time. Instead, the weight seems to be more important to the spin time. Generally, the heavier the fidget spinner is, the longer it can spin.

Material Weight Spin time
Brass 159g 02:48.73
Brass 81g 00:51.06
Brass 73g 04:41.61
Brass 77g 02:44.57
Brass 65g 01:09.79
Brass 55g 00:51.79
Brass 38g 01:17.05
ABS 49g 02:46.47
ABS 44g 02:23.40
ABS 27g 02:11.70
ABS 25g 02:07.17
Alloy 52g 02:23.27
Alloy 52g 00:59.75
Alloy 40g 02:12.65
Alloy 35g 02:08.65
Alloy 27g 01:45.11


3. Generally, the ABS and Alloy fidget spinners can spin longer than the Brass ones.

Material Spin time Material Spin time
ABS 02:46.47 Brass 02:48.73
ABS 02:23.40 Brass 00:51.06
ABS 02:11.70 Brass 04:41.61
ABS 02:07.17 Brass 02:44.57
Alloy 02:23.27 Brass 01:09.79
Alloy 00:59.75 Brass 00:51.79
Alloy 02:12.65 Brass 01:17.05
Alloy 02:08.65    
Alloy 01:45.11    



Due to the limited fidget spinner number we test, we can only generally analyze the relationship between the factors and the spin time of a hand spinner. For choosing a long spin time spinner toy, we suggest that:

● Ignore the blade number.

● Better to choose an ABS or an Alloy material one.

● The more balls the bearing contains, the longer it will spin. (Usually bearing details won't show on the product page if you shopping online, if it's possible, you can ask the guest service.)

● If you are shopping in a shop, that's much convenient that you can test immediately.

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