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Home > How To > How to select a man's backpack?
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How to select a man's backpack?

How to select a man's backpack?

By  Steve Lowry 2018-11-06 7457 0

Every man in the Vanity Fair knows that society is the real arena. Intelligence, education, values, diligence, and ways of doing things are all important factors, even directly determining success or failure in life. Most people can't change the habits formed in their experience right away, but they can look for breakthroughs first, such as a backpack.

man's backpack

A bag can tell a man's habit and taste. The wrong bag leads you to be rejected by your boss, client, interviewer, or even coworkers, not to mention the straight man who never carries a backpack and puts the things into his trouser pocket. So, what taboos should we avoid for using a backpack to express respect and sincerity?


Taboo 1: Programmer’s bloated black backpack


Bags with belts are more flavorful, and the two belts that run across the light are the same as the straps on a man's body, stretching the apparent length and enhancing the layers. When taking out a computer from the inside, which is equivalent to the ancient knight's sword coming out of its sheath, the air burst out in an instant.


bags with belts



The bag with soft fabric is easy to be folded and has a strong sense of bloat. The two upper and lower belts not only fix the bag type, but also can highlight the main body of the belt and weaken the sense of bloat caused by folds.


Do not carry only a belt, a slanting shoulder bag makes you look very disrespectful. In front of the boss, even a good plan is easily rejected. The boy who likes one shoulder bag should wrap both belts around the back.



Tobacco 2:  Big logo travel bag with strong local flavor

Every man who has been working for years knows that business travel is an opportunity. A bag with sufficient capacity and classic style is the solid foundation of the whole journey.


big logo travel bag


However, there are always some people who want to wear the nylon travel bag with big logo all the time. When they meet with their partners, the feel of village artillery can even remind them of the owner of local products in Southeast Asia.


If you want to balance the capacity and the aura, the "Doctor Bag" is the best. The opening of the traditional style is shaped with metal edge, which is convenient to open and close.


doctor bag


The leather wrap and handle look very elegant, the rectangular side with a narrow cross-section is very easy to fit, business trip is necessary: In addition to the metal edge, part of the Doctor Bag has a pin buckle leather belt and a fixed opening, which makes it safer to lift.


There was also a belt on the side of Doctor Bag, which adjusted the capacity and could insert an umbrella into it. It could help the boss and colleagues when it rains. However, the Doctor Bag is not suitable for business trip as it may outperform those bags of your colleagues or superiors.


Taboo 3: Single shoulder leather bag

A long bag appears to be very uncomfortable. In fact, a hard "briefcase" can relieve all the embarrassment. The packets are packed in single / multilayer packets, which can accommodate various documents separately. Hard edge supports the whole shape, to avoid loose and slack feeling.




The briefcase of the belt stilettos is always reminiscent of a university professor of the last century, with a real sense of reading a few books.



Taboo 4: nylon bags of train station vendors

To be honest, a small "clutch-bag" is enough. Clutch has no shoulder straps and must be held in hand. The cortical clutch is not only official, but also easier to clean up after getting dirty. Clutch with grain or embossed can be selected.


Clutch bag


Clutch also has zippers, good closure, and a sleek body that makes the whole person look sharp. Some zipper Clutch fabric is softer, if the body collapses, it appears very not energetic. At this point, a tablet computer or a magazine can hold up the body shape.

Finally, out of a sense of social responsibility, I want you to remember: Clutch must not be held under the armpit.



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