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Home > How To > How to select an appropriate DVR?
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How to select an appropriate DVR?

How to select an appropriate DVR?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-01 7430 0

With more and more family cars, many people will buy a DVR for the car. How to pick a DVR? Which functions cannot be lack?

 the design of car DVR

Why we need a DVR?

Actually, it also needs knowledge to choose a DVR. After all, nowadays the road traffic is so complicated, and there will be some racketeers that make people catch off guard. Therefore, the DVR bears a great responsibility and mission to drive on the road.

the fuction of a DVR 

A DVR is an instrument that records information such as images and sounds of the vehicle in motion. After the DVR is installed, video images and sounds that can record the whole process of vehicle driving, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents. Those who like to travel by themselves can also use it to record the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles. While driving, I record the time, speed and location while driving, which is equal to a "black box". It can also be used at home as a DV for fun, or as a home monitor. In normal times, stop monitoring can also be done, and traffic recorder can be installed. Video data cannot be clipped. If it is clipped, it cannot provide help after the accident. It also helps to prevent the inevitable racketeer behavior in today's society.

How to select a DVR?

The following points must be noted:

The brand should be normal

There is no need to worry about which brand is better to buy. As far as the market is concerned, the brand of DVR is really countless. However, they have the same price and similar function.

the brand of DVR  

Of course, we also still should choose the normal brand that is trustworthy. We might as well choose a few big brands, undertake contrast again from among them.

Buy the appropriate one not an expensive one

Many people tend to think that the most expensive item is the best one. The concept is not suitable when buying a product like a DVR. What is a DVR for? It's just a device for recording information about your car's image and sound. There's really no need to give it all kinds of functions!

the appropriate DVR  

Some people spend more than 400 dollars buying a DVR, but also said: "this can not only navigate, but can also provide online movie watching... "

It's just a data recorder, and it's good enough to do what you need to do when you're driving, but about all the other extra features, your phone can now satisfy your need.

It’s easy to install it

There are usually several different device methods for the DVR. One is the paste type, which is easy to install, but it is easy to fall off after being heated, especially after being exposed to the hot summer sun. The other is the inbuilt rearview mirror, which should be installed by a professional. You will inevitably have to pay for the installation.

inbuilt rearview mirror

The other is the most common type of sucker, which is convenient to install and disassemble.

sucker DVR 

The picture must be HD

The DVR itself is for shooting, so we must choose the high-pixel one, at least over 720P. The current good DVR is usually 1080P, or even higher.

good HD DVR  

In addition to that, you have to consider the layout of the camera, and you have to have a clear shot at night. If the shooting is not clear, and you can’t shoot it a little bit further, so it's going to be a lot worse.

The distant view cannot be ignored

It has to be at least 120 degrees or above, but that's just barely an angle of racketeer in front of and on both sides of the vehicle. Now, a good DVR is usually around 120 to 140 degrees, and some of the brand's DVRs can reach 170 degrees, and it's going to have a bigger picture of the perimeter of the vehicle.

 170 degrees view DVR 

Finally, the editor must remind you, do not forget to check the normal equipment standards of the DVR, such as aperture. Generally, the f2.0-2.4 is more appropriate; USB is the most convenient way for charging, and the memory, you have to have a big memory card.

If you choose a DVR according to the requirements, the one you last choose will be the most relevant safety device which can be the escort for your driving safety.


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