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Home > How To > How to solve "Insufficient Storage" error on your Android phone?
How to solve "Insufficient Storage" error on your Android phone?

How to solve "Insufficient Storage" error on your Android phone?

By  Mia Carla 2019-05-22 2705 0

You have all the space of the world on your SD card, and yet your smartphone   Android refuses to download applications telling you that the memory is full? We explain why, and how to solve the problem!

The reasons of Insufficient storage space

The message " Insufficient storage space" may seem surprising when you feel like you have plenty of space available on your Android smartphone or tablet, but it has its reasons. When you download an application, some data will necessarily be installed on the internal memory of the phone. If this storage space is full, you will not be able to download the application of your choice, even if your external card (SD) is empty!

How to solve

How to optimize your storage space on Android?

Some smartphones with a certain age or entrance are equipped with a 1 GB RAM (or even less with 512 MB for the oldest). That's why, if you use a heavy application or many different applications in multitasking, the phone may crash.

A good tip is to keep an eye on the amount of RAM that your apps consume and shut down those that do not need to be constantly open. To see this, go to the settings. The procedure is very simple since the update of Marshmallow.

How to track the RAM consumption of Android apps?

Many devices have little memory, The system takes up so much space that there are only a few bytes of free space left. It's important to remember that even though the terminal is announced with 16, 32 or 64 GB, the reality is always less.

How to fix this problem? Well quite simply: sort on your internal memory! If you want to keep everything, choose to install what you can (music, movies, photos, documents ...) on your SD card. To make space on your internal memory, think of cloud solutions (Google Drive, Dropbox, and others). For music, think of music streaming services like Spotify or Deezer.

You can also delete unnecessary applications preinstalled on your device.

However, due to partitions in the internal memory, although there is free space, this is reserved for files and applications the system needs to work. It is best not to play with this space as this can cause serious errors later.

Finally, the last solution is to reset your device to the factory settings: you will gain space and speed!

And you, what methods did you follow?


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