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Home > How To > How to solve Teclast X80 Pro Wi-Fi issues
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How to solve Teclast X80 Pro Wi-Fi issues

How to solve Teclast X80 Pro Wi-Fi issues

By  Sophia Windsor 2017-09-15 7167 4

Your Teclast X80 Pro tablet cannot connect to Wi-Fi or it has weak Wi-Fi signals? A fixing guide is ready to help you out of these Wi-Fi issues.

Teclast X80 Pro wifi issues

1. Teclast X80 Pro cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

● Make sure your router can work well. Connect to Wi-Fi with another phone or device to see if the problem persists.

● If the problem disappears, there may be something wrong with your tablet. Try rebooting it.

● If reboot doesn't help, make sure both the Android and Windows System can connect to Wi-Fi. If neither of them fails, your tablet Wi-Fi hardware may be faulty. You need to send it back to the factory or have it repaired in a fix store. While if the Wi-Fi is just available to one of the system, try re-installing the problematic system for your tablet. (You can download the firmware from Teclast official website.)

● Conversely, if another phone or device also cannot connect to Wi-Fi, it may be the problem of your router. Try troubleshooting your Wi-Fi router through the following two aspects:

A. Your router may work into the infinite loop case. That means: get IP address - connect - get IP address..., but it is always unavailable. At this case, rebooting your router is a good way. Turn off the router firstly, and reboot it 10 minutes later.

B. Check if there are too many devices connecting to your Wi-Fi router. If so, you can set a static IP address for every device since this can greatly reduce the workload of Wi-Fi router.

2. Wi-Fi signal is very weak on my tablet.

● Try rebooting your tablet to see if the problem still persists.

● Bluetooth may weaken the Wi-Fi signal, so please turn off the Bluetooth when it is not in use.

● There may be some obstacles or metal objects between the Wi-Fi router and your tablet, such as a wall or metal compartment. These factors can also weaken the Wi-Fi signal. You had better keep your tablet close to the Wi-Fi router to see if the signal is better.

● Sometimes, many routers default to the same channel, which will cause much interference to the signal. That's one of the most important reasons for users suffering from slow Wi-Fi speeds. So try changing the channel your router uses:

A. Use a Wi-Fi analyzer software, such as the inSSIDer for Windows, or Wi-Fi Analyzer app for Android, to locate nearby networks and discover the less crowded channel.

B. Then switch your router to a channel that is not frequently used by other networks.

WiFi analyzer

● If above solutions don't help, check if it is caused by router problem. Connect to Wi-Fi with another phone or tablet, if it is the same case, your Wi-Fi router may be broken. Just have it repaired or change a new one.

Xiaomi / HUAWEI Wi-Fi router

● If other devices can connect to your Wi-Fi, there may be a problem with Wi-Fi hardware on your tablet. Please send it back to the factory or ask for repair.

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Does the above solutions help you? If you have other questions about your Teclast X80 Pro tablet unmentioned in this post, just feel free to submit your questions at our Support Center. We will try our best to deal with your problems as soon as possible.


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