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Home > How To > How to solve the failure of Wireless Network
How to solve the failure of Wireless Network

How to solve the failure of Wireless Network

By  Jacobo Wallington 2020-01-09 1791 101

Are you a wireless network user? What do you think is the core device for building a wireless network? It is believed that the answer of the vast majority of users is wireless router. Yes, with the rapid rise of wireless network, wireless routing has become the core hub, so once it breaks down, the whole wireless network will be paralyzed. So if the failure does occur, how can we solve it and get the wireless network back to normal? Very simple, and then follow the following four steps to operate, the general wireless network failure can be easily solved.

First step: check hardware and line connection

No-line routing failure is the line connection problem, but many users often ignore this point, so they take a lot of detours. So when the wireless network fails, we should first ensure that the power connection of the wireless route is normal, and then check to see if the broadband access port is connected correctly. We can judge by the status indicator on the trackless route, in which the indicator flashes continuously as normal, and it is a fault if it is not lit or does not flicker for a long time. If the LED does not display properly, we should replace a network cable and reconnect it.

Check the status LED to ensure the correct connection. If the display is normal, but the wireless network failure remains, then we need to check the location of the wireless route and whether there are large obstacles or high-power electrical equipment between it and the client. At this time, we need to reduce the distance between the wireless routing and the client, and ensure that the wireless routing is far away from the high-power electrical equipment, because the electromagnetic radiation of these appliances will seriously affect the wireless network signal transmission and cause wireless failure.

In addition, it is also necessary to check the wireless network card of the client. First, click "View available wireless connections", then refresh the "Network list" and set the network card parameters, and finally check the "Properties" to see if data is sent and received. If there is a problem with the client wireless network card, we can replace it with an external USB wireless network card, or reinstall the network card driver, which can generally be solved.

Finally, of course, the hardware failure of wireless routing itself cannot be ignored. If you find that the status indicator of the wireless route is off and there is no response when the client connects to the wireless route, please contact the dealer in time to guarantee or replace the wireless router. (PS: users must keep invoices or receipts when purchasing wireless products)

Step 2: check the network card and router settings

Wireless network failures caused by setting errors are also common, and setting errors are also divided into two aspects, namely, client wireless network card setting errors and wireless router settings errors.

The setting of the client wireless network card is very simple. Click "Network neighbor" to view "Wireless Network connection", and then set the "IP address", "Subnet Mask" and "Gateway" of the wireless network card. Just make sure that the IP address of the wireless network card is in the same network segment as the IP address of the wireless route. Of course, in general, it is recommended that you choose "automatic acquisition".

The setup of wireless routing is relatively complex. We first need to enter the IP address of the wireless route in the browser address bar, and then enter the user name and password in the pop-up login interface, and then we can enter the wireless routing Web configuration interface (some brands of wireless routing come with a configuration CD, which can be accessed directly through the CD).

In the Web configuration interface, we first need to ensure that the broadband access method is correct. For example, if you are a ADSL user, you need to choose "PPPoE" access method, then enter the user name and password that normally connects to the ADSL, and finally save and exit. If you are still unable to connect to the wireless network at this time, you also need to check the Security Settings option to see if the wireless route has IP address filtering or MAC address filtering turned on. If it is enabled, you can temporarily turn off these two functions, and then try to see if the connection is successful.

Step 3: wireless encryption to prevent network attacks

Network attacks are also the main cause of wireless network failures, of which the most common is ARP attacks. ARP attacks will cause network IP address conflicts, data loss and overflow, and may even lead to the paralysis of the whole network.

If users find that they have been attacked by ARP (mainly because they are unable to access the network), the emergency solution is to enter the "security mode with network", then modify the IP address of the client in the properties of the wireless network card, and then check to see if they can connect to the network. Then install professional antivirus software and network firewall to prevent similar network attacks from happening again.

Encrypting wireless networks is also a necessary setting for wireless routing. Now most wireless routers support WEP and WPA/WPA2 encryption, in which WEP encryption has been cracked, so it is not recommended to choose (if your wireless routing only supports WEP encryption, then choose 128bit encryption). And WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption is much more secure, the general illegal intruder is very difficult to crack.

In addition, IP address filtering and MAC address filtering mentioned above are also good ways to protect the network. Users only need to add the client's IP address and MAC address to the "allow list" of wireless routing, and the protection effect is very significant.

Step 4: upgrade wireless router firmware

Router, also can not PING wireless routing, this is a typical wireless router firmware problem, in some old wireless routers are very common. The solution is also simple, which is to refresh the new firmware of wireless routing. At present, mainstream wireless equipment manufacturers release new wireless routing firmware on a regular basis, and we can upgrade automatically through the Web configuration interface.

Enter the Web configuration interface of the wireless router and find the "system Management" menu, where we will see the "Software upgrade" option. Once you enter, you can start the upgrade. However, the firmware upgrade has some risks, there can be no power outage during the period, and you need to wait patiently. Especially after the upgrade, you need to wait for the wireless router to restart automatically, or restart manually as prompted, and do not do anything else, otherwise your wireless router is likely to become a "brick".

In addition to eliminating the failure of the wireless router, upgrading the firmware can also add new features to the wireless router. You might as well try it yourself to get a better wireless experience.


Wireless network failures can basically be solved through the above four steps. In fact, in the face of wireless network problems, the most important thing is to observe carefully. Many seemingly complex faults are actually caused by a small setting or connection error, so it is suggested that everyone should solve the problem step by step from simple to difficult by troubleshooting. This is the most efficient way to solve wireless network problems.

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