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Home > How To > How to solve the power consumption problem of Huawei P20 after upgrading OS?
How to solve the power consumption problem of Huawei P20 after upgrading OS?

How to solve the power consumption problem of Huawei P20 after upgrading OS?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-07 6316 0

After the upgrade of EMUI 9.0 in P20, the power consumption is very fast. What should we do if the power is not used after the upgrade of the mobile phone? After upgrading Android version 9.0, many friends reflected the problem of faster power consumption and not durable batteries. In fact, these problems can be solved by setting up, come and check the power saving skills!

Huawei P20​ mobile phone 

Analysis of cell phone battery consumption

Before conducting the power saving operation, let's check whether the  Huawei P20​ mobile phone has abnormal power consumption. No settings are useless.

Turn on the cell phone and turn off the battery. We can see which software consumes the most power through the "power consumption row" and then eliminate it. Combining with the details of power consumption, we can analyze the power consumption of mobile phone batteries.

Setting up all-round protection through authority!

We can prevent cell phone battery waste in an all-round way by setting permissions. Mobile Housekeeper > Application Startup Management > Select the application, you can set it.

Some applications will be self-startup again and again after shutdown, running in the background to steal electricity, which is actually very power-consuming! In this case, as long as the "Allow Self-Start" and "Allow Background Activities" are not checked.

A hidden deeper power saving method, very effective!

The two methods mentioned above, if you are a skilled person, maybe you already know them. So I'll finally teach you a deeper power saving method. It works very well.

Open Settings > Users and Accounts > Click "Three Points" in the upper right corner to cancel "Automatic Synchronization Data"

Automatic data synchronization is simply that the application will synchronize its data; the advantage is to prevent data loss. The disadvantage is that synchronizing data also consumes electricity and traffic.

Relation between signal and power consumption

Cell phone signals have something to do with power consumption? Answer: yes.

In fact, the signal has a great impact on the standby power consumption of mobile phones. If the network signal is not good, in order to keep the signal smooth, the mobile phone will increase the frequency of search. To some extent, it will increase power consumption. When the signal is bad, the standby power consumption of the mobile phone is much higher than that of the normal signal.

We can turn on Settings > System > About Mobile Phone > Status Message > Network, and we can see that the greater the numerical value of signal intensity to dBm, the higher the signal intensity.

Although we can't change the signal, we can choose to move to the place where the signal is good and play with the mobile phone when the signal is not good. When the signal is bad, we suggest closing the mobile network, which can extend the duration.

Hide the deepest and most effective power saving method!

Next, we recommend a system of power saving method, power saving effect is super obvious ~because the operation is hidden deeper, and here we list the detailed operation steps.

Open settings > application > permission management > click "three points" in the upper right corner > special access rights

Battery optimization > find the application that needs to be set up, set to allow, that is OK~

Operation for fast power consumption after upgrading a new version

After the mobile phone is upgraded, some applications need to be adapted and optimized in the background because there are many applications in the mobile phone. And the picture-storage will be intelligently sorted after upgrading. In order to avoid security risks, mobile files will be re-scanned safely. These optimize actions in the background will add some additional power consumption. Usually 2-3 days later.


1. Charge the cell phone for 5 hours (if you use the cell phone during charging, the time will be longer, it is better not to play while charging).

2. Turn off all background applications, WLAN and mobile data, and charge the screen for more than 2 hours continuously, and then restart the mobile phone.


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