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Home > How To > How to take pictures on smartphone at night?
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How to take pictures on smartphone at night?

How to take pictures on smartphone at night?

By  Oleg Romanenko 2019-03-04 4265 0

If you also think that evening photos best convey emotions, then know that you are not alone. Night photography is a whole art and is difficult to master. This is because too many factors influence the quality of the pictures, especially when we are talking about taking pictures with a smartphone. The slightest movement or artificial light blurs the shot, spoils the whole picture.

However, this does not mean that you should not try. On a smartphone, you can make a cool night photo, and I proved it more than once.

 take pictures on smartphone at night 

1. Take your time

Less movements - a photo is better. And this rule works not only at night, just at this time it is especially noticeable. Because even a little staggering can blur the photo. Take your time trying to make a quality shot. Put your phone on a stable support, on the parapet or bench, and ideally use a mobile tripod (on Gearbest from $ 2), if possible.

using a mobile tripod to take photo  

Thus you will do everything so that even the slightest movement does not spoil the frame. I will give you a little advice not to hurt the smartphone by pressing the camera's shutter button, use the smartphone’s own headset, the volume up key on the headphones will help to make a frame, and you will not shake the smartphone.

2. Adjust the exposure level of the camera

Exposure - the amount of light that falls on the matrix of the camera. Try adjusting your camera's exposure settings to get the best shot. The "brighter" you take the picture, the worse the result will be, the camera will capture all the noise and inaccuracies. Almost all photos taken at night on a smartphone are created at low exposure rates.

adjusting the exposure level of the camera 

3. Use all available light

If there are light sources, then use. Add at least a little light, it will reduce the noise level, remove unwanted blur. And do not forget to turn off the flash, because it only spoils the frame, creating a hard light. This effect is particularly noticeable on the skin.

If you are shooting a person, ask them to stand in the place where the light source will illuminate it partially or completely, depending on the effect you want to get. Do not use the "zoom" when shooting at night, get a guaranteed blurry picture with a lot of noise. Better not be lazy and come closer to the object.

Making a good photo in the evening is very difficult, but over time this skill can come in handy to any smartphone user. Indeed, despite the fact that smartphones are developing, they are still far from ideal.

4. Use the manual camera settings

 This is a more laborious approach that will not allow you to take a picture on the run. For example, if you know that now you need to shoot for the same hour in the same light conditions, then you have to stop, select the necessary configuration settings, shutter speed, and only then start shooting. Ideally, have a tripod at hand.

5. Valuable software for shooting at night and not only

Manual camera settings work in many modern flagships. This works best with LG smartphones, starting with the LG G4 model. On the Android platform, there are applications that allow you to flexibly configure the camera during shooting.

Camera FV-5  is a very powerful tool, with one limitation. This application does not work with all smartphones, but rather with a limited number of popular devices. Camera FV 5 is suitable for Nexus-smartphones, which initially lacked a decent mode of manual camera settings. With it, you can take photos on short and long exposure.

Camera FV-5  

Similar solutions are on iOS. For shooting on the iPhone at night, I recommend the Cortex Cam and Pro Cam 4. The first application takes a photo of "ala" HDR + from Nexus, the second program is a find for all fans of manual camera settings.


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