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Home > How To > How to test your smartphone performance?
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How to test your smartphone performance?

How to test your smartphone performance?

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 50359 1

Looking past the manufacturer's claims and marketing hype, how much do you really know about your smartphone's performance? Our guide gives you the lowdown on how to accurately assess device performance.

What will you need?

    ● App market (Apple Store/Google Play/etc)

    ● Your smartphone (Android/iOS)

Tip: if your phone does not have its own app store pre-installed, just download one via your phone assistant.

Android smartphone

Major Benchmarking Apps

AnTuTu benchmark

AnTuTu is the one of the most popular smartphones and tablets benchmarking apps, and is featured prominently on major review websites. It features a comprehensive suite of performance tests, including areas such as UX, GPU, RAM, CPU, I/O, and more. Each item is individually assessed and given a score.

AnTuTu benchmark

Geekbench 4

Compared to the typical benchmark app, Geekbench 4 is extremely user-friendly and easy to understand. It's designed to quickly and accurately measure mobile CPU performance based on real-world tasks and applications. Tests are intended to be multi-core aware, ensuring a full measure of potential.

Geekbench 4

Mobile Linpack

Mobile Linpack is also a popular benchmark app that tests smartphones and supercomputers.

It measures the number of flops (floating operations per second) and is used to rank the world's most powerful supercomputers.

Mobile Linpack

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

Vellamo is an accurate, easy-to-use suite of system-level benchmarking tools for smartphones.

Developed by Qualcomm, it has evolved to include three primary chapters: Browser, Multicore, and Metal. A friendly UI, good developer support, and self-contained design (no additional downloads required) account for this app's popularity.

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark


3DMark requires almost no introduction and is synonymous with power users and gamers. It is also used extensively by leading tech firms and review websites for precision benchmarking. Available for smartphones and tablets, it can compare your device's performance with 3000+ other devices.


Let's take AnTuTu Benchmark for example:

Step 1: search for and download the app in your app store. It's compatible with both major mobile operating systems, so it's well suited for performing an Android iOS phone test.

download AnTuTu Benchmark

Step 2: once installed, locate and run the mobile app.

install AnTuTu Benchmark

Step 3: click on "Fire rabbit" to enter and start the test. Before you benchmark your smartphone (available on GearBest), you should complete the following steps first:

test your smartphone by AnTuTu Benchmark

    ● Fully charge your mobile device.

    ● Kill all background apps in the multitasking menu.

    ● Place your phone in airplane mode to remove all distractions and power drain sources.

    ● Ensure the device temperature is not too high.

smartphone test result 

Step 4: the demanding tests generally take approximately 1 - 2 minutes to complete, after which you can see your phone scores. As a reference, my own iPhone 6S scored 122867. As a reference, my own MEIZU MX4 scored 40150 (available on GearBest).

phone scores

Step 5: each item carries its own score, you can click on each for more information. You can compare the results with other devices in "RankingList". Get your own benchmark score and start ranking - share and compare your score with your friends! Some smartphones have good scores on the rankinglist like: Xiaomi Mi5s 4G smartphone (available on GearBest).

compare result with other devices   

Wrap up

Measuring your smartphone's performance is effortless with ready-made apps. Please note that all scores (even on the same device) will vary slightly every time you perform benchmarking due to the system mode, current device temperature, apps running, and more.


For the purpose of this new article, the featured image(s) were sourced from the internet. For any issue, please contact us, and we will deal with the matter promptly.

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