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Home > How To > How to Turn an Old Mobile into a GPS Tracker for The Car
How to Turn an Old Mobile into a GPS Tracker for The Car

How to Turn an Old Mobile into a GPS Tracker for The Car

By  Rudy Mackey 2020-01-21 27233 0

Do you have an old cell phone with which you don't know what to do? Discover how to turn it into a GPS locator for the car. Or for a suitcase, backpack ...

If you have an old mobile, you may be wondering what to do with it. You have several options, such as selling it, giving it to someone in your family or circle of friends or recycling it. The reality is that there is another option, which is to use it in an alternative way. You can give many uses to an old Android phone, as we have already said, and there is one that may interest you.

One possible use for your old mobile is to turn it into a GPS locator

To use in your car. A great utility that many people will find especially comfortable. In addition, we can use a GPS locator in many situations, not only with the car.

The interesting thing is that there are several ways to use this method. There are applications on Google Play that allow us to convert an old mobile phone into small tracking devices that we will control at all times from our current phone. But we can also use a Google service, which we have talked about on occasion: Find my device.

If we navigate on Google Play, there are many applications that allow you to make the phone a GPS locator. The idea behind these applications is to be able to control at all times the location of the object or person who has the old mobile in which we install the application. It can also be used in the car, in a suitcase, backpack or other objects: just hide it inside, preferably connected to a power source.

One of the best options available today is Mobile GPS Tracker. It is an app that allows you to see at all times the location of the phone, the old mobile in this case. In addition, it has the ability to report whether the device is moving or not, so we will know if the car is being used. It's perfect to find out if our car has been stolen or someone uses it without permission.

All you have to do is install the app on the phone, on the old phone, and on the new one too. In this way, the position of the other, who will be in the car, can be controlled at all times from the new. The application will display this information in real-time from its installation on the new phone.

The download of GPS Phone Tracker is free, although inside it we have purchases, which are optional.

Find my device

An option that can also be used in these cases is to use Find My Google Device. This service, with which to locate a stolen or lost phone, can be a great help to make your old mobile become a GPS locator. Google always shows the location of the phone as long as it is on and connected to the network.

Normally, the old phone is still associated with the Google account we use today, the same one we use on the new phone. To have the old mobile located we have to enter the web of this service. We can also use the app, whose link we leave below. Finding my device shows a list with the phones or tablets associated with the account, so you just have to select the one we want to check. In our case the old mobile.

Finding my device allows you to see its location in a fairly precise way. So, if we have left the phone in the car, we will be able to see at all times the location of the device on the map; That will be the location of the car. It is a fairly simple and effective method that works without installing third-party applications on the phone.

As long as the phones are turned on and connected to the network, in addition to linked to the same Google account, we can find them wherever they are.

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