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Home > How To > How to unlock the Windows PC when forgetting password?
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How to unlock the Windows PC when forgetting password?

How to unlock the Windows PC when forgetting password?

By  Matthieu Andre 2019-01-17 10627 0

Forgot the login password on your laptop? Or there was a mistyping while you were resetting your password? Forgetting strong Windows log in password could be a really frustrating moment since it prevents you to access your own computer. So, how to unlock your computer when you forget the login password? The following 4 tips will help you to unlock it.

1. Use a password reset disk

Using a password reset disk is the first step before moving forward. Your Windows system use a Windows Password Recovery, allowing you to change your password and recover it instantly but also you will be able to burn it on CD, DVD and USB flash Drive. Therefore, if you have created a password reset disk from your laptop before forgetting it, you can use it to unlock it. To change your password, please follow steps:

Step 1.  Insert the password disk into your laptop.

Step 2. On the password text box, enter any incorrect password, and press Enter. 

Step 3. Click on OK when the password is incorrect.

Step 4. Click on Reset Password.

Reset Password 

Step 5. Type the new password of the user account.

Type the new password of the user account 

Step 6. Follow the Password Reset Wizard.

Don't forget to back up your data on the disk because the burning process will format and erase all your data on the drive. Make bootable password disk with DVD±R, DVD±RW and CD-R/CD-RW.

2. Boot your locked computer from the disk

If your laptop brought with a setup disk when you bought it, then you can use it to unlock your laptop.  Using a boot disk can change and recover your password on your locked laptop. Efficient and fast, it can repair and boot your system. To boot from the disk, please follow instructions.

Use safe mode

If you can’t log in your Administrator account on Windows systems (e.g.: Windows 7,), you can attempt to reset your password using Safe Mode. Indeed, Windows has an administrator account built-in, which isn’t invisible in normal use. Select the account that you would like to change the password for, and follow the on-screen instructions. But make sure your account is activated and set up by default. To use safe mode, please follow instructions:

Step 1. Press F8.

Step 2. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Step 3. Click on Control Panel.

Step 4. Tap User Account.

 Step 5.Change Account.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt 

Use command prompt

You can use command prompt when you face load critical operating files from changing user settings on your laptop. Resetting password of local user accounts, it generally require some knowledge to use it correctly when your laptop is locked. By inserting your system repair disk, please follow instructions to use efficiently command prompt on your laptop.

Step 1. Insert your system repair disk.

system repair disk 

Step 2. Type CMD and press Restart.

Type CMD and press Restart 

Step 3. Type the following command to select your account and create a new password.

 Net user [account name] [new password]

Type the following command to select your account 

Step 4. Use the following command to clear your password and set a new one in case.

Net user [account name]""

You can also access from Safe Mode by pressing the following command: Windows Key + R to open Run Dialog.

3. Perform a reset to your Microsoft account

If you are using a Microsoft account to protect your laptop, you have an easier way to reset your password by changing the current password of your Microsoft account. Indeed, it will automatically modify and set up a new one, so that you can log in easily. A security code will be sent before setting your new password. To reset your Microsoft account, please follow these steps:

      Step 1.  Go on Microsoft's website support 

      Step 2.  Choose "I Forgot My Password"and hit Next.

      Step 3.  Enter your phone number and email linked to your Microsoft account.

     Step 4.   Type the security code received.

     Step 5.   Set up a new password.

Set up a new password 

Step 6. Reboot your laptop and log in with your newly password.

This method won't work if you are not using Microsoft as your default account type. Make sure you reboot your device before you log in again.

4. Download and install a third party application

If you don't have your Microsoft set as default, or you can't reboot your locked computer from the disk, there is an ultimate way to reset your Windows password without losing any data by using a third party software. Windows Password Mate for example is one of the most efficient and reliable Windows password recovery program helping Windows users to remote control their passwords and unlock them on another Windows laptops. Available on different versions, this program require no internet connection while you are resetting the password. You can thus literally remove it on another device. To download and install a third party Application, please follow steps:

Step 1. Download and install the Windows Password Mate on a different computer.

Download and install the Windows Password Mate 

Step 2. Burn a password reset with a USB drive or CD /DVD.

Burn a password reset with a USB drive or CD /DVD 

Step 3. Change boot priority on locked Windows system.

Change boot priority on locked Windows system

Step 4. Start unlocking Windows password.

unlocking Windows password.​ 

You can now enter into your laptop without entering any password at all.

Wrap up

To conclude, unlocking a laptop without password is requiring you time and patience. Setting a password is very quick and very easy to use preventing you from cyber-attacks.  By following clear steps cf-below, you will resolve your issue permanently.

Firstly, use a reset disk to recover your password. This will get you onto Password Reset Wizard, giving you a new password and back up your data.

Secondly, boot your locked computer from the disk. To do so, use safe mode and command prompt to reset your password.

Thirdly, if you are a Microsoft user, reset with your Microsoft account in case of forgot password. A verification system will be sent.

Finally, download and install a third party application on another device if you are not able to unlock your laptop.


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