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Home > How To > How to use a document scanner on iPhone?
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How to use a document scanner on iPhone?

How to use a document scanner on iPhone?

By  Matthieu Andre 2019-03-21 1054 0

Can’t find your documents or you lost them? If you are experiencing with your iPhone over years, you may know Notes APP, visible on your interface screen. By including different features, it runs a document scanner for storing and sharing your important files to your iCloud. Convenient and portable, if you need to scan a document stack or go through them to secure , here are few tips to how to use a document scanner on your iPhone.

How to use a document scanner on iPhone 

1. Create a new Note on iOs

Featured by Apple, the Note APP built-in in your system is not only limited to a checklist, but also to various specifications such as scanning, adding videos or photos, etc.  Before scanning properly all your documents on iPhone, it is recommended to create a new Note.


By going through your interface options and clicking on the plus button, a new blank page will display for adding or inserting easily your favorite documents.  Your documents selected will be ready to scan. If you want therefore to create a new Note, please follow instructions above:

Step 1.  Launch the Settings APP.

Step 2.  Tap Control Center.

Tap Control Center 

Step 3. Tap on Customize Controls.

Tap on Customize Controls 

Step 3.  In the More Controls list, Tap on Plus Button next to Notes entry.

Tap on Plus Button next to Notes entry 

Largely used for different situations, iPhone user's can capture and adjust for free their documents as the method is simple. Because your new Note was created before, your scanning process will be smoother and faster for performing your documents with quality. Therefore, if you got a document stack and need to scan them as explained above, your time keeping will be improved by placing your document and saving it.

2. Scan your documents 

Once you are ready to scan your documents, your iPhone camera will capture your document before you adjust your scanning parameters and save them properly. By holding down buttons, you will be able to resize your document and crop it as your convenience. A new document will display with your adjustments allowing you to either save or add it in your Note APP.


Nevertheless, if you have a document stack, your iPhone camera can scan next following pages without any interruption. Convenient and portable, make sure your Apple battery life is fully charged before scanning. It may indeed cause an automatic shutting down of your device by disabling your options. If you want therefore to scan your documents, please follow steps above:

Step 1. Launch your Control Center.

Launch your Control Center 

Step 2. Hard press the icon button.

Step 3. Place your document.

Step 3. Adjust the corners by dragging.

Step 4. Tap Scan Document.

Tap Scan Document 

Step 5. Tap Save or Continue to add documents.

Tap Save or Continue to add documents 

In one hand, this scanning process can save you time anytime by storing your files, but in other hand, you may lose them due to a storage issue slowing down your phone. Due to this fact, that is recommended to store all your files in the Cloud and back up them in PDF as explained above.

3. Back up your files in PDF and store in the Cloud

After you scanned your documents, you will receive a notification showing up the exact location of your file. Visible by a bubble design on the right corner, you will not only be able to create your PDF, but also to share it on your social network and store your document in the Cloud.


Efficient and safe method, your access to your storage in the Cloud will be unlimited by avoiding loss of documents, unreadable files, etc.  Nevertheless, it is requiring to set up your Cloud with Notes if you want to keep a copy of your document scanned as explained below:

Step 1. Go your Settings.

Step 2. Tap [your name]. 

Step 3. Tap iCloud.

Step 4. Turn On Notes.

Turn On Notes 

By doing so, your Notes will be synchronized and secured with your iCloud by sign-in from your account. In case you can't log in, contact Apple service center for further information's, or eventually share your files in the Cloud with Share Family, so that the user will be able to log in and remote control.

Wrap up

To conclude, we can see Note APP as a smart APP featuring different specifications, including a document scanner. With an ergonomic interface, the scanning process will be easier to either keep your file reconverted into PDF on your device, share or store it in the Cloud.  


From his aspects, Note APP became a powerful scanner APP by being portable and offering adjustment parameters. Convenient to use, your document quality will remain saved by coupling a phone camera which capture your document stack and scan it permanently. Nevertheless, make sure your battery power is charged before scanning.


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