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Home > How To > How to use Huawei watch GT?
How to use Huawei watch GT?

How to use Huawei watch GT?

By  Matthieu Andre 2019-04-23 27587 0

Huawei watch GT is the latest smart watch launched by the Chinese giant. Compared to the previous model, a new version released improved the performance and lifespan for giving a full control. Specific function and connection were developed to run smoothly your smart watch newly updated. If you experience some issues or using for the first time your watch, here is a guide to help you step-by-step. So let's have a close a look on Huawei Watch GT guide: charging Huawei watch GT, pairing Huawei watch GT, etc .

Huawei watch GT 

1. How to charge Huawei watch GT?

In most of cases, your Huawei smart watch can run out of battery and may cause an inconvenience due to low power. Before fully charging the device with external accessories, some precautions must be considered in this case. Generally recommended to charge in a dry and well-ventilated place, you will avoid inner risks such as explosions or court-circuits. Here is the Huawei watch GT charging guide:

Step 1. Connect the charging cradle to the charger using a cable USB.

Step 2. Place your smart watch onto a charging cradle.

Step 3. Make sure you align and attach the charging port to the magnets of the charging cradle.

Step 4. Check the battery indicator on screen interface.

During this time lapse, a battery indicator will notify about your current charge after you connected your battery via USB. Recommended to fully charge for 2 hours, you can easy view your battery level in the App.

Charging Huawei watch GT

2. Downloading Huawei watch GT App

Developed by Huawei, Huawei Health is an official sport App for tracking relevant data such as performance, calories, heart rate, etc. Built-in with sensors to measure automatically your data, you will be able to know your health condition once log-in and how to improve your performance through multi reports.

Huawei watch GT APP  

Compatible with iOS and Android, you can either download the Huawei watch GT App on Google Play store or Apple store, or scan the QR code below to download it.

Huawei Health App  QR code

3. How to pair Huawei watch GT with your phone?

You need to connect Huawei watch GT in the App via Bluetooth. The App will automatically scan the device connected and display a device list on your phone. Given that the pairing on Huawei Watch GT is universal on systems Android and iOS, your steps will be easier to proceed as explained below:

Step 1. Open Huawei Health App, click "me" at the bottom right corner.

Step 2. Tap on "My Devices" and select "Smart Watch"-"Huawei Watch GT Series".


How to pair Huawei watch GT with your phone


Step 3. Tap "Pair" to connect Huawei watch GT.

Note: make sure your device is disconnected before touching "Pair".

Step 4. Then the App will search the Huawei watch GT (the 5D:36:4F:7D:A2:AD is your Huawei Watch GT MAC address, you can press the up button to go to "Setting" - "About" to check the MAC address), select the right MAC address to connect it.


How to pair Huawei watch GT with your phone

Step 5. Finally, confirm the pairing with an icon as notification is displayed on watch screen, then you connect Huawei watch GT successfully.


How to pair Huawei watch GT with your phone


In parallel, it may happen your devices don't pair due to connectivity or function issues. A malfunction can overlap your transmission signal and not detect your device accordingly. By searching your issue on online help in Huawei Health App, you will be able to solve and fix your issue as explained below.

4. Huawei watch GT common issues

● How to reset Huawei watch GT?

You can restroe your watch to its factory settings by following the steps below:

Method 1: On your watch's home screen, press the up button, and go to "Setting" - "system" - "Reset".

Method 2: Open the Huawei Health App and touch the device icon in the upper right corner under home, then touch "Restore factory settings".


● How to update Huawei Health App?

For Android users: Open the Huawei Health App and go to "Me" - "check for updates".

For iOS users: Update the Huawei Health App in the App store.


For the other problems, like how to update Huawei watch GT firmware, setting smart alarm, changing the watch face, replacing the strap or if you can’t pair your device, please check online help in Huawei Health App.

The verdict

Overall, Huawei Watch GT is a solid smart watch for all occasions. It is easy to use it:

● First, charge the device make sure the battery level is enough;

● Second, download the Huawei Health App;

● Finally, follow the screen guide to connect Huawei watch GT in App.

 Nevertheless, if you fail to pair both devices or other issues, consult online help in Health App for further information.


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