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Home > How To > How to use projectors in a cool and creative way?
How to use projectors in a cool and creative way?

How to use projectors in a cool and creative way?

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-31 8584 2

As we know, projectors are becoming more and more popular in home and office. Then do you know how to use them in a cool and creative way? Now let's see.
How to use projectors in a cool and creative way?

1. Painting a mural

Every person can paint a mural by using a projector, and no talent nor experience is required! Only 3 steps: simply create a black and white version of a high-contrast image and project it largely on a wall; trace over the lines of the projected image using a pencil; then fill in the mural together using paint.

use projector to painting a mural

2. Sharing event-related social media

You can use a tool to aggregate online comments and photos about the event, then display them with a projector to share them with event-goers. You may want to include posts with the check-ins at the event's venue, posts that appear on the event's social media profiles, and posts that use the event's hashtag. Besides, you can project the weather, the news, etc. But remember, always check the contents before they are displayed.

3. Creating stealth illusion with optical camouflage

Optical camouflage is a hypothetical type of active camouflage currently only in a very primitive stage of development. It is also sometimes called the "invisibility cloak" effect, which is the illusion of invisibility by projecting an image of the background onto a highly-reflective material. The result is the material appears to blend in with the surroundings. With a projector, you can create the illusion of invisibility by covering an object with something that projects the scene directly behind that object.

4. Hosting a gaming lounge

If you have a gaming store, you can enhance gamification events or simply attract attention to your store by inviting attendees to relax in a free gaming lounge. Hang curtains around the event space to provide privacy and block out distractions for guests. Dress the space like the ultimate living room oasis: complete with snacks, comfy seats, and video games played on a massive screen.

play video game with projector

5. Creating a seasonal scene with projected reality

Want to make your Halloween or New Year's Eve party a real fun? Just use a projector and DVD player: project an animated Halloween or Christmas-themed scene at your next seasonal corporate events. This effect is sometimes known as projected reality, digital decorating, or virtual 3D projection because it can give the illusion of 3D projection without the need for viewers to wear 3D glasses.

Projected reality works extremely well for spooky Halloween scenes since they usually feature translucent or shadowy figures and are intended to be shown in dimly-lit areas. Dozens of DVDs with pre-recorded scenes are available for purchase, and even allow for some customization.

What you need to do? Just simply project the scenes onto walls and surfaces, or mount a rear-projection screen in a window for outdoor viewing. Sync music and sound effects with your animations to provide guests with a truly haunting experience.

Creating a seasonal scene with projected reality

Now you have learned cool and creative ways to use a projector. If you have any other ideas, just show yourself.

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