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Home > How To > How to use the Huawei Honor watch to open outdoor running?
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How to use the Huawei Honor watch to open outdoor running?

How to use the Huawei Honor watch to open outdoor running?

By  Niki Jones 2019-01-19 5125 0

As a smart wearable device featuring sports, the Honor watch has multiple sports modes for users to choose. There are many choices: outdoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, indoor running, mountain climbing, free training and so on.

Honor​ watch

The Honor​ watch supports Samsung system and Samsung positioning and adopts precise trajectory optimization algorithm. On the basis of Samsung positioning, the watch realizes the collaborative optimization of "hardware platform + software assisted positioning", which makes the positioning information more accurate and more comprehensive, and enables the smart movement to achieve rapid and accurate positioning and intelligent monitoring.

Below we take "outdoor running" as an example, explain in detail how to use the watch alone to open the outdoor running?

1. Pre-run setting (this step is set according to personal preference)

Enter the watch "exercise" page, select the “Setting” icon next to the outdoor running, set the exercise target in advance, Reminders, Display, and turn on the Smart running. 

pre-run setting 

Related Settings instructions:

Exercise target: set distance/time/heat

Reminders: training effect/heart rate interval reminder on or off

Display: training effect on or off

Smart running: set the target pace

With the smart running switch on, the following data page will appear during the movement. During running, you can see in real time how far ahead/behind your target pace is. [the red figure represents the user himself, and the blue figure represents running with him]

2.Start running

(1)After the completion of relevant goal setting, return to the outdoor running, star search prompt appears on the watch, and click to enter the running interface until the positioning is successful;

(2) During exercise, when the screen is on:

①Slide the screen up and down/click the down button to view your movement data;

②click the upper key, exercise pause, click the unlock icon or long press the down button to lock the screen, long press the down button again to unlock. Click the green icon or the upper button to continue exercising, click the red icon to stop exercising and view the exercise data.

3. Sports data viewing

Method 1: During the exercise process, the watch will automatically record the exercise data in real time and according to the exercise situation. After exercise, you can view the data in the exercise record.

Method 2: After the exercise, you can also view more data (including track) through Huawei Health App and share the exercise results.

Some settings and reminders

In addition to the basic operations mentioned above, let's look at some settings and reminders.

Smart running

The distance difference between the runner and the companion is displayed on the watch smart running interface in the same proportion. During the running, you can see the extent of the lead/lag target speed in real time, so as to make adjustments in time. After exercise, the Sports Health App increases the trajectory curve and status of smart running.

[most recently] : the average pace in the previous running record;

[single best] : the fastest average pace of a single run in the existing running records;

Interface editing/data customization

Careful users may have discovered that after opening outdoor running, during the movement, when the watch screen brighten, long press the watch data display interface appears editable box, click the corresponding area can change the current data type. The watch will default to the previous setting when you open the outdoor running exercise later.

Reminders during exercise

During the exercise, the watch will vibrate as a reminder when the following goals are achieved: target achievement reminder/whole kilometer reminder/heart rate interval acrossing reminder/training effect reminder, etc.


 •Training effect (need to open on the watch)

 • Real time training effect function, which can prompt the training effect in real time during running, so that your training can be controlled freely.

 • Heart rate interval crossing alert (need to open on the watch)

 • The running center rate interval appears to span, gives the reminder, lets you control own heart rate in real time

Above is the detailed operation instruction for opening the outdoor running of the watch, the more novel functions are waiting for you to discover and wear a watch to start running.


1. The positioning effect is strongly related to environmental factors, such as indoor, high-rise block, signal reflection, metal object interference, water surface reflection interference (lake, seaside) and other environments will affect the positioning success rate and accuracy. It is recommended that you exercise in the places with less block and open environment to ensure that the bracelet has a good GPS signal, so as to record your track.

 2. In the process of positioning the watch, please keep still and wait for the success of GPS star search before starting running.

3. The update of the ephemeris information on the watch is conducive to the efficiency of positioning. If there is no connection and synchronization between the bracelet and the mobile phone APP for a long time, the update of the bracelet side ephemeris will be affected.  It is recommended that you often synchronize the data of the bracelet and your mobile phone APP to avoid expiration of the wristband ephemeris information and affect the positioning effect.


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