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Home > How To > How to use wireless charger: all you want to know about it
How to use wireless charger: all you want to know about it

How to use wireless charger: all you want to know about it

By  Midori Kusano 2019-06-20 6826 0

With the development of wireless technology, more and more products have joined the ranks of wireless, such as TWS wireless headphones, wireless chargers and so on. In this article, we mainly introduce mobile phone wireless chargers. Are you still using troublesome wired charging methods? Then you need to take a good look at this article, which will tell you what is a mobile phone wireless charger, how to use a wireless charger, which phones support wireless charging, and how to use a wireless charger if the phone does not support wireless charging.

Definition of Wireless Charger

Wireless charger refers to the charger which is not connected to the terminal equipment that needs to be charged by the traditional charging power cord, and adopts the latest wireless charging technology, which transmits electric energy by using the alternating magnetic field generated between coils. Inductively coupled technology will become a bridge between charging base stations and equipment.

Wireless Charger

Characteristics of Wireless Charger

1. In theory, wireless charging technology is harmless to human safety. The resonance principle used in wireless charging is magnetic resonance, which is transmitted only between coils that resonate at the same frequency, while other devices cannot accept the band. in addition, the magnetic field used by wireless charging technology itself is harmless to the human body. But wireless charging technology is after all a new charging technology, many people will worry that wireless charging technology will be the same as the original Wi-Fi and mobile antenna pole, in fact, the technology itself is harmless.

2. Wireless charging technology uses magnetic resonance to transmit electrical energy in the electric and magnetic field between the charger and the device, while coils and capacitors resonate between the charger and the device.

3. This system can be widely used in the future, such as charging area for electric vehicles and power transmission for computer chips. The charging system developed using this technology requires only 1/150 of the current charging time.

4. High conversion is also a key factor in the global application of wireless chargers. However, wireless charging technology is also limited by distance. In the future development, it is necessary to solve the problem of accurate positioning of long-distance transmission for band and magnetic field range.

5. The core chip is the focus of the application of wireless charging technology in products. Precise radiation range control, magnetic field frequency, other control are realized by the chip.

Wireless Charger

How to use wireless charger?

1. Make sure your phone itself supports the use of wireless charging technology.

2. Make sure the phone battery itself is not damaged.

3. Connect the wireless charger purchased from the regular channel to the power supply, and make sure there are no magnetic objects around before connecting the power supply.

4. Put the charger in a flat place to prevent the phone from sliding from it.

5. Put the mobile phone on the infinite charger, note that the wireless charging induction area of the mobile phone is generally in the middle of the mobile phone.

6. See the phone screen lit up, into the charging state, indicating the success of charging.

If my phone does not support wireless charging technology, how to use wireless charging?

At present, some mobile phones in the market have wireless charging technology, but there will still be many mobile phones that do not support the use of mobile phones.

If your phone does not support it, it is recommended that you buy a wireless charger receiver to be installed in your phone (turn on the back of the phone, install the receiver and connect to the charging port). It is worth noting that the receiver charging interface you buy must match your phone. At present, Micro-USB, Type-C, 8-Pin is commonly used. Finally, follow the above steps to use it.

Wireless Charger

Which mobile phones currently support wireless charging technology?

1.iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus,iPhone X,iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max,iPhone XR.

2.Samsung S9 and Samsung S9 +.

3.Xiaomi MiX 2S.

4.Nut R1.

5. Huawei Mate20 series.

6. Nokia Lumia820, Nokia 8Sirocco and so on. 

Is there any radiation from the wireless charger?

MIT researchers say the body responds strongly to electric fields, but rarely to magnetic fields, so the system does not affect human health. However, this is only speculation, and some researchers are concerned that further experiments are needed before they can really be applied to life. As an electronic charging product, the charger itself can not avoid radiation, so it is inevitable that the wireless charger has radiation. However, the power of the wireless charger is very small, the charging time is long, the radiation generated is also small, you can rest assured to use.

Wireless Charger


Wireless charging technology has brought great convenience to everyone's daily life, and has a lot of benefits.

1. Get rid of the shackles of the data line, reduce the trouble of insertion and pullout, but also avoid the interface is not applicable, poor contact and other phenomena, the elderly can also be very convenient to use.

2. A charger can charge multiple loads, and a family can buy one charger to meet the needs of the whole family.

3. A wide range of applications, as long as the use of the same wireless charging standard, such as the Qi standard, no matter which device of any manufacturer can be charged wirelessly.

4. With a variety of protection functions, such as: overcharge and overdischarge, metal foreign body detection and other functions, always protect the personal and property insurance safety of the user.

Although the current wireless charger charging transmission distance is short, the effective transmission distance is usually within the 10mm.

Read at here, do you have a better understanding of wireless charging technology? Do you want to try it?

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