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Home > How To > How to wash the humidifier after it has been used for a long time?
How to wash the humidifier after it has been used for a long time?

How to wash the humidifier after it has been used for a long time?

By  Caryl Damokosh 2020-02-08 1980 14

The weather is dry and cold in winter. Lips peeling? Nosebleed? Your face and ears are dry enough to itch? It's all because of the dryness! Humidifiers are used one after another in this dry and cold season. But today is not to recommend humidifier. But to tell everyone that your humidifier should be used and cleaned. Otherwise, it will change from a winter artifact to a hidden danger to your health.

Is there such alarmist talk? Have you ever wondered why there is a slippery layer of things in the humidifier when it is turned on? don't think it's just scale that doesn't care, there will be a lot of bacteria there! Because the humidifier is humid and has a certain temperature, bacteria can easily grow quickly when both humidity and temperature are suitable. Every time you turn on the humidifier, the bacteria will atomize with the air. Oh! What a terrible thing it is. A humidifier that doesn't pay attention to cleaning is not a winter artifact, but a bacterial eruption machine. The skin and respiratory tract are threatened and cause health risks. So the humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly. But do you know how to clean the humidifier? Next, the editor will share with you.

Inside the humidifier 

At present, there are mainly three kinds of humidifiers on the market: ultrasonic humidifier, pure humidifier and thermal evaporative humidifier. Different types of humidifiers have different cleaning methods, in which ultrasonic humidifier and electric heating humidifier have similar cleaning methods. Ultrasonic humidifier is a direct spray humidifier, which is the most common on the market, because it is easy to use and has fast humidifying effect.

Specific cleaning methods of ultrasonic humidifier and electric heating humidifier are explained in detail:  

1. Be careful to disconnect the power supply before cleaning. Both the AC 220V power supply and the USB 5V power humidifier must be cut off to prevent the danger of electric shock.

2. Fuselage cleaning: clean the fuselage of the humidifier with a semi-dry dishcloth and do not soak the fuselage in water. Do not wet the power interface when scrubbing the outside of the machine.


3. Water tank cleaning: put a small amount of rice in the water tank, add water and a small amount of white vinegar so that the rice can be thoroughly boiled in the water tank. Screw on the cover of the water inlet and shake it. In the process of shaking, the rice produces strong friction with the inner wall, which can remove the dirt from the water tank. Pour out the dirty water and then shake it with clean water. Repeat this several times, and the cleaning of the water tank will be completed. Finally, the rice in the water tank will be cleared out. Gently wipe off the water and alkali from each part with a cotton swab or chopsticks wrapped in a soft cloth. Use a cotton swab stained with white vinegar solution to clean the scale at the bottom of the water tank and the interface between the main engine sink and the water tank. Finally, rinse with clean water and the humidifier will be cleaned.

When cleaning the scale of the humidifier with white vinegar, you should pay attention to cleaning at least three or four times after removing the scale, so as to prevent the water body in the humidifier from being polluted by white vinegar. At the same time, do not use strong irritating substances such as deoiling agent and washing powder.

4. Filter cleaning: soak in white vinegar water or citric acid water for one hour, then wash it with clean water three or four times.

5. After cleaning, you should wait for the power interface to dry completely before you can use it.

There is also a special humidifier-specific germicidal agent on the market. If there are respiratory sensitive people at home, or if the resistance is relatively low for the elderly and infants, it is recommended to use the humidifier-specific germicidal agent.

Pure humidifier is a new type of humidifier recently, which can remove calcium and magnesium ions from water by molecular screening evaporation technology, and there will be no "white powder" phenomenon of ultrasonic humidifier. Pay attention to the cleaning of the filter when cleaning, the method can be soaked in white vinegar water for an hour, and then washed with clean water three or four times.

At the same time, I would like to share with you a few points for attention in the use of the humidifier:  

1. Pure water is recommended: The humidifier had better use pure water, the water molecule of pure water is relatively simple, it is not easy to spray pollution, and contact with the skin is better, the use process is more safe and rest assured, in addition, the injection of pure water is conducive to the maintenance of the humidifier and prolong the use time. Tap water contains calcium and magnesium ions, which is easy to pollute the air and accumulate scale, causing damage to the humidifier.

2. Change water frequently:Leaving the water at the bottom of the tank for a long time will cause minerals to accumulate at the bottom and on the wall. The longer you leave the water, the more deposits will stay at the bottom and walls, and the harder it is to clean, the easier it will be to cause bacterial growth.

3. Clean frequently. :When a humidifier is heavily used in winter or when a family member has a cold, do a simple cleaning every three days. Do deep cleaning every two weeks or so.


The Lunar New year is coming soon, and many families have carried out a thorough cleaning operation to clean their homes and greet the new year cleanly. In Guangdong, there is even a saying that "on the 28th of the lunar year, washing is untidy", which means that on December 28 of the lunar calendar, the house should be cleaned up to welcome the New year. Stove, range hood, toilet and bath tray scale, I believe that everyone will pay special attention to these sanitary key areas, bathroom cleaner, oil cleaner prepared. Don't forget the humidifier, if you find the filter dirt difficult and easy to clean, please replace it in time. I hope everyone will have a good life with the humidifier.

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