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Home > How To > iPhone repair: How to repair iPhone display, battery, camera and even a water damaged iPhone by yourself
iPhone repair: How to repair iPhone display, battery, camera and even a water damaged iPhone by yourself

iPhone repair: How to repair iPhone display, battery, camera and even a water damaged iPhone by yourself

By  Felicity Rosa 2019-05-27 933 0

Whether water damage or display breakage. Every defect on his iPhone is a nightmare for the user. For a moment, the iPhone is lying on the ground with a burst display or scattered in all its individual parts. Quick help is now needed. Let's be honest: Who can do without his smartphone nowadays? It's sometimes really sad to see people on vacation who are lying on the beach of beautiful Mallorca and simply can't do without their smartphone. Instead of relaxing, reading or doing anything else, these people play around with their mobile phones. Well, that's another topic. It should now only be made clear how dependent we actually are on these devices.

In February, the iPhone ticker listed an interesting statistic and showed which repairs occur most frequently on an iPhone.

iPhone repair

On our magazine smartphone-mania you'll find numerous instructions and help concerning the iPhone repair. Under this category you will not only find instructions for the iPhone, but also for other manufacturers like Samsung or HTC. However, this article is about the quick help for an iPhone in a tragic accident like a fall or fluid damage. There is always a remedy under the respective links.

iPhone Water Damage

The classic! The iPhone falls into the toilet or sink. Or even worse: beer or cola has run over it. Ugh, that sticks! What nu? Important: Keep calm! There are lots of tips on what to do on the Internet. There are people who claim that their smartphone would work again after a good rice deposit. But let me tell you: This is the rarest case! The thing with the rice has the following background. If an iPhone or smartphone comes into contact with liquid in general, it goes out on its own in the vast majority of cases, because the so-called "protective circuit" responds (or the motherboard is shot to pieces with a short circuit).

The purpose of this protective circuit is to prevent further damage to the device itself, so iPhone repair may not be too expensive. So far, so good. If you constantly try to switch your iPhone on and off (as most people will do), sensitive contact points that are still in direct contact with water will be supplied with power. *Bang*, broken! However, the rice can suck the liquids out of the smartphone and thus free these contact points from the liquid as well. Here are a few links for more tips on water damage or instructions for those who want to repair it themselves.

iPhone Repair: Display Damage

Be honest: How many people do you know who already had the so called "Spider-man-App"? You always see someone with a broken display, don't you? For the ignorant: The "Spider-man-App" symbolizes the broken display. With some display breaks, it's not the whole display that's defective (i.e. black), only the glass. The break-in point then looks like a spider's web.

But joke aside. Such a damage can quickly become expensive and can prolong an iPhone repair. That's not because the repair itself is expensive, but the material. Because such an iPhone display has a higher market value, since iPhones themselves are already expensive.

So what to do if the display is broken? First of all, you can find out for yourself whether other components have been damaged. Example: It is often the case that the mainboard has also got a defect. Or the earcup doesn't work anymore. If you can still see anything on the display, you can easily test the functions such as sound, WLAN, Bluetooth, microphone or the Home button. Does everything work? If so, lucky. In most cases a repair is still worth it. It gets more difficult when you can't see anything on the display anymore. In such a case you can blindly try if the sound works. A sign of life of the iPhone would be, if you press the silent switch, because the iPhone should vibrate if it works correctly.

Battery defective or quickly depleted

The number one disease with all smartphones in the world is that the battery runs out too quickly. Why do you think most manufacturers only give a 6-month warranty on batteries? For the state of the art you have to say that there should be better batteries. But most people are satisfied with a battery life of 24 hours, so what's the point now?

iPhone batteries are of course also affected. Most people complain that it runs out too fast. There are numerous tips on how to extend battery life. But what if nothing helps anymore? If nothing helps anymore, it's junk! If the battery should not charge at all any more, various other errors can also be a possibility. For example, the charging socket of the iPhone (Lightning plug) may have a loose contact or the battery charging circuit may no longer function correctly. An iPhone repair becomes a must.

With most iPhones, the batteries can be replaced without much effort. The repair of the iPhone battery is worthwhile in any case. Just give it a try!

iPhone Home Button Repair

The home button of the iPhone is probably the most important element (besides the display of course). Especially when you've got used to the fingerprint scanner (fingerprint). Frequent problems here are of course mechanical in nature. Either it can't be pressed properly anymore, it's stuck or nothing happens when you press it.

Another problem here is contact with liquid. The thing is not really tight at this point. So if water runs into the Home Button, not only the button itself could need a repair, but also the electronics of the button.

iPhone does not make sound or earpiece does not work

Many iPhones need to be repaired because they no longer emit sound. These symptoms can have many causes. The sound can also be much too quiet. With some errors a repair is not necessary at all.

Here are a few tips if the sound no longer works:

  • First of all do not assume the worst! Try to circle the error by trying out simple things. Is the mute switch activated? Is the speaker or the earcup covered with something (like foil)? Is the volume turned up?
  • If the simple tests are not successful, you can still hope for a software error. Just restart the iPhone.
  • If the restart doesn't help either: Make a data backup, delete all contents from the iPhone, and play the data back again (e.g. with iTunes).
  • If steps 1-3 did not help, a hardware defect can be assumed and the iPhone has to be repaired.

iPhone camera defective

Yes, even the camera can cause problems. If you are reading here now and your camera has an error, then it would be good to know what the problem is. Why? Because the camera can probably produce all kinds of errors. That starts from no picture at all to flashes in the picture or schlieren. An iPhone repair is unavoidable. Or? Well, there is still the possibility (or rather hope :)) that your camera has a software error or your iPhone has hung up somewhere in the system. Otherwise we are looking forward to your comment!

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