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Home > How To > IQOS eci g common issues and answers
IQOS eci g common issues and answers

IQOS eci g common issues and answers

By  Sigismondo Eisenhower 2019-07-07 10915 0

Recently, electronic cigarette explosions have occurred frequently. Let's take a look at how to safely use iqos e-cigarettes.

iqos e-cigarettes

1.What is the difference between IQOS2.4 (second generation) 2.4Plus (three generations)?

A: There are some improvements: Heating improvement, charging shortening, bright light, vibration notification

Look: IQOS second generation button is gold, polished shell, three generations (2.4plus) is a matt shell, feel better

2. How is the IQOS cigarette nicotine content comparable with ordinary cigarettes?

A: Currently the IQOS cartridge does not display the nicotine content. It is almost negligible in terms of the heating principle and the combustion principle.

3. IOQS Heating rod, IQOS Accessories Problem

A: The IQOS heating element is broken or the charging box is broken. It can be purchased and used separately.

But 2.4, 2.4 plus heating elements are not universal.

4. Why is the new IQOS connected to the power supply and the orange light on top of the charging box?

A: First, is the plug used for IQOS? Use other non-compliant charging plugs for orange alarm

Secondly, you should first connect the power cable to the IQOS host and then connect the power cable to the charging process. On the contrary, it also appears orange.

5. If the tobacco stick / charging treasure glows red, what should I do?

A: Place the cigarette rod in the charger treasure, cover the lid of the charger treasure and press and hold the power button and reset button on the charger treasure for 10 seconds. Then let go of your hand and the machine will restart.

The red light will disappear at this time. If it doesn't work, read the previous article about incorrect troubleshooting.

6.How to charge iqos electronic cigarette?

A: This e-cigarette charging box can be said to be very similar to the charging treasure. It can also be said that in addition to no charging treasure USB interface, it is a charging treasure, the same charging process is charged by the Android mobile phone microUSB interface, the same with four battery indicator lights Close the charging head to charge, and The indicator light lights up until all the indicators are on and is charging. The electronic charging box is similar to a normal cigarette pack and the electronic cigarette is inserted into the charging box for charging. After smoking a cigarette, it is necessary to be charged for 4 minutes to smoke again to avoid dependence on smoking addiction.

7.How long does the iqos e-cigarette change the smoke bomb?

A: When the iqos cartridge is exhausted, a light prompt is displayed. A common cigarette bomb is about 12 ...

8. What kind of smoke can electronic cigarettes smoke?

A: The iqos cassette is specially manufactured. It's not ordinary shredded tobacco. It is specially configured with the iqos heater. Replacing the cassette may cause damage to the mainframe. Similarly, the iqos cigarette cannot be deleted like a cigarette.

9. How long can an electronic cigarette bomb be pumped?

A: Ordinary cigarettes can pump about 150 mouths. How long it takes, you can see the frequency of your use.

10. How many e-cigarettes are there?

A: A pack of ten packs and twenty packs

11.How do I charge iqos electronic cigarette charger?

A: It can also be said that in addition to no charging treasure USB interface, it is a charging treasure, the same charging process is charged by the Android mobile phone microUSB interface, connected to the charging head charging, the same with four battery indicator lights up the indicator until all indicators light up. If it glows, it will overflow. The electronic charging box is similar to an ordinary cigarette case. The electronic cigarette is inserted into the charging box for charging. After smoking a cigarette, it must be recharged for 4 minutes to pump again. To avoid dependence on cigarettes, it can be said that this electronic cigarette charging box is very similar to the charging treasure ...

12.How long will the iqos e-cigarette charger be charged for the first time?

A: See how you use it. If you use it much, you'll be out soon. The second is still the capacity to consider.

13.How are the iqos e-cigarettes from the shelves in Jingdong?

A: The iqos cartridge is tobacco and cannot be sold online. First of all, this is basically not an electronic cigarette. There's no relationship with e-cigarette. That's tobacco. E-Cigarette contains no tobacco.

14. What should i do with iqos e-cigarette once?

A: Each set of iQos products contains a charging box and a cigarette rack. The steps are as follows: Pull the heated end of the heated cigarette out of the carton 2. Start the switch button on the carton and continue pressing for 2 seconds. Heat the cigarette can continue to use for 6 minutes; possibly suck 14 mouth 4. Pull out the heating cigarette, close the power switch 5. Place the cigarette carton in the charger, stop charging, for the next use hope to use ~

15.Use iqos steps

● Place the heating element in the charging box for charging, the green light of the charging box starts flashing and the charging process is displayed at this time.

● About 40 minutes or so, the green light will stop flashing and the light will automatically turn off later. At this time IQOS is full of energy.

● Press the metal key at the top of the outer housing, remove the heater rod, insert a cigarette into the heater rod and place it in the floor so that the line on the cartridge is parallel to the edge of the heater rod.

● Press the heating switch with your finger and the green light will flash. Release your finger for about 2-3 seconds, the heating rod will start flashing and heating. After approx. 20 seconds the heating element always lights green and can be used normally.

● It takes about 1 minute to smoke a cigarette normally. If the light of the heating rod glows red, it can also suck 1-2 and then extinguish.

● Pull the heater rod up, down or left and right to remove the waste cartridge.

16.What is the difference between Japanese and European versions?

● IQOS is initially produced by Philip Morris (Philip Morris International), one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. His Marlboro and Paramount are independent trademarks of the company.

● The IQOS is designed by a Swiss company whose heating elements are manufactured in Germany, the outer housings are manufactured in Italy, the power cables and plugs are assembled in Shenzhen, China, and finally in Malaysia. So the ancestry is European.

● Second, if one sells in each region, the language of IQOS is different and the plugs in Europe are different than in Asia and Japan (the round head in Europe and the flat head in Japan). The machines themselves are exactly the same. from.

17.Why does the baby appear orange on top of the outer box when the baby just started is connected to the power supply?

A: First check, is the connector used for IQOS? If it is a power plug of another brand, the light will be orange. Secondly, you should first connect the mains cable to the IQOS host and then plug the mains plug into the charging process. On the contrary, it also appears orange.

18.When the heater rod is placed in the charging box, the light on top of the outer box lights up red.

A: Your heating element is broken. Go buy an accessory. If the seller promises to return to the factory,

19. Why is it time to smoke a cigarette for a very short time and it is extinguished in only 20 seconds?

The normal suction process takes 1 minute and the small series is calculated in seconds. Since some users use it like a fog e-cigarette (big mouth sucking deep and then spitting out smoke) or frequency sucking is very fast, the outside air accelerates into the heating rod, the temperature suddenly drops, and the heating rod starts the self-protection function (This is also a function of upgrading the machine except the Japanese machine). So many users mistakenly think that it is a problem of machine quality.

20. After each use of the heating rod, place it in the charging box?

Yeah, otherwise there's no full fee. The lamp of the heating rod is red when it is removed and cannot be used normally.

21. Why is the time light for smoking a cigarette turned off?

A: The iQOS design must be re-inserted into the charger compartment each time it is used in order to charge it. Charging will be complete in about five minutes.

22. How long can a cartridge be used? Can the cartridge be used repeatedly?

A: No, it cannot be used repeatedly. A cartridge can inhale for about 14 or 5 minutes, depending on the user's inhalation frequency.

23. Can I use the cartridge to charge the heater?

A: No, you cannot charge it, it will damage the heating chip.

24. How to use it for the first time, do you have to charge it?

A: It can be used directly. It is pre-stored at the factory and all batteries can be recharged for 3-5 hours after use.

25. Do I have to remove the heating rod when loading the load compartment?

A: No, no need to take it out. The heating rod can be charged without being inserted into a charging compartment.

26. How long is the iQOS lifetime?

A: The iQOS charging container can be charged about 7300 times. After charging it must be charged more frequently.

27. Can I use conventional cigarettes as a smoke bomb?

A: No. The iQOS cartridge is specifically designed so that normal smoke cannot be used as a cartridge.

28. Why does the second use indicate a red light?

A: The iQOS heating element can only be used once during each charging process. After use, return it to the charger compartment for 5 minutes.

29. Why can't I load a tape the second time?

A: Check if the used cartridge is clogged inside and clean it in time.

30. Can I take it by plane?

A: Similar charging rates vary depending on airline regulations.


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