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Home > How To > Is the Keto Diet Safe for Get Ready for Pregnancy or Pregnant Woman?
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Is the Keto Diet Safe for Get Ready for Pregnancy or Pregnant Woman?

Is the Keto Diet Safe for Get Ready for Pregnancy or Pregnant Woman?

By  Joe Horner 2019-07-25 1625 0

When it comes to the most popular and useful weight loss diet plans, the low-carb, ultra high-fat keto diet must be the king these days. But what is the keto diet. And is the keto diet safe while you're pregnant or prepare for pregnancy? It is certain that this keto diet trend moms-to-be should skip. Just read on, you will find the reason why the keto diet is not recommended for pregnant women.


What is the keto diet?

Ketogenic-die is a formula diet with a high proportion of fat, a low proportion of carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients. The keto diet began by observing that hunger can reduce seizures. A long time ago, Hippocrates used hunger therapy to treat epilepsy. Bible mentioned hunger therapy as a way to treat epilepsy. This therapy has been used in the treatment of refractory epilepsy in children for decades.

Later, experts found that eating a diet high in fat, plenty of protein and low in carbohydrates (usually less than 50 grams per day) forced the body to consume fat to supply metabolic energy to achieve weight loss.

The ketogenic diet generally requires consuming 75 percent of your daily calories from fat, 20 percent from protein and just 5 percent from carbohydrates.


Unlike some low-carb diets, it is recommended to eat less sugar and processed grains. Moreover, continuing to use ketones also means eliminating almost all carbohydrates from your diet, including fruits, whole grains and some vegetables. Due to the carbohydrates are the body's preferred source of energy, when the body burns out of carbohydrates, it turns into fat and protein, which is called ketosis. This can lead to weight loss rapidly.


Why the keto diet is not recommended for pregnant women?

Ketogenic diet is only a way to lose weight, and can not provide a good basis for embryonic development, weight loss compared with the health of the baby, it is only a piece of cake.

At present, the influencing factors and results of ketogenic diet on the development of infants are not very clear, and even the research in this area is quite few. There haven’t been any controlled studies done in pregnant human women as testing on this group is, understandably, discouraged. For the safety of mothers-to-be and the health of babies. Do not use ketones to lose weight during pregnancy preparation.


Under what circumstances can get ready for pregnancy people try a ketogenic diet?

Unless your doctor specifically advises you, otherwise, you should not try to lose weight during pregnancy. If you are infertile women who want to get pregnant because of polycystic ovary syndrome, high visceral fat, or obesity, you can try ketones diet to keep fit. But there is some moderation.

Because keto diet can treat polycystic ovary syndrome to some extent, after helping you restore your healthy weight and health, you can return to a balanced diet through a two-week transitional diet. After making sure the body doesn't give birth to ketones and resumes a traditional diet for a period of time, you can start preparing for pregnancy.

Women have requirements for body fat content during pregnancy preparation. Only women with more than 22% body fat can ovulate normally. Women who do not meet this body fat requirement may have infertility. In general, women with low body fat need to gain fat in order to get pregnant.


In short, it is not recommended to lose weight during pregnancy, but during prepare for pregnancy, overweight people can consider trying a ketos diet before returning to a normal diet. Ensure balanced nutrition and provide a healthy development environment for the baby.

What is the ideal pregnancy diet?

In the early stage of pregnancy, we should follow the principle of comprehensive nutrition and scientific collocation to avoid skidding accidents caused by malnutrition or overnutrition in the early stage of pregnancy. Therefore, for the diet of pregnant mommy should pay attention to a small number of meals, food cooking light, avoid eating too greasy and irritating food. In addition, the choice of food should not only take into account the comprehensive nutrition, but also take proper care of the pregnant mommy's own taste.


1. Supply plenty of heat.

At the beginning of pregnancy, many pregnant women have the trouble of vomiting and pregnancy, which may lead to loss of appetite. At this time, more attention should be paid to the food supply. You can eat a small high-calorie snack at any time, such as biscuits, yogurt, nuts and so on.

2. Adequate supply of protein.

Early pregnancy should pay more attention to the intake of protein, eat more protein-rich foods. Protein-rich foods are eggs, lean pig meat, chicken, rabbit meat, beef, fish, bean products, millet, beans and so on. In animal protein, milk, egg protein is all protein food quality is better, the reason is easy to digest, amino acids.

3. Take plenty of vitamins.

The vitamin nutrition that the female needs during pregnancy is comprehensive, therefore, in the diet regulation pregnant mother should pay attention to the absorption of various vitamins, eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement all kinds of vitamins. Especially folic acid, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 intake.

Vitamin-rich foods: carrots, tomatoes, eggs, cow liver and pig liver, milk, cheese and so on.

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