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Home > How To > JXD 510G quadcopter troubleshooting guide
JXD 510G quadcopter troubleshooting guide

JXD 510G quadcopter troubleshooting guide

By  Zim Watson 2017-05-24 4380 7

This handy JXD 510G quadcopter troubleshooting guide fixes multiple aspect problems that happened on this drone, including Micro SD card, FPV screen, signal receiving, flying issues, battery problems, etc.
JXD 510G quadcopter troubleshooting guide

1. There is no 5.8G antenna.

This FPV version JXD 510G quadcopter doesn't feature an antenna. The wireless signal is strong as well. The remote control distance is 100 meters. And the image captured by the camera can be received well and displayed very clearly on the FPV screen.

wireless signal of JXD 510G quadcopter

2. The camera Micro SD card cannot save images/videos.

● Firstly, please check whether the camera can transmit the living image to the FPV screen or not. If not, it means the camera is not working, even you press the photo button on the transmitter, it cannot shoot picture or record videos for you, of course, the Micro SD card is empty with nothing.

captured images/videos by JXD 510G quadcopter

● Check whether the camera cable is well connected to the drone's F/C port, if not, simply connect them tightly. If yes, the camera cable or the camera has something wrong. Please take it to an RC toy shop to fix.

check JXD 510G quadcopter's camera cable

● When the camera's factor is eliminated, have you formatted the Micro SD card before using? If not, please format it on the PC through a USB card reader. Then try to save the images again to see whether the problem disappears.

USB card reader

● Maybe the Micro SD card is not installed well in the card slot. Simply remove it and then insert it back into the drone Micro SD card slot tightly.

● If it makes no sense, the SD card might be broken. Change another working Micro SD card to have a try.

● After you installed the Micro SD card, but the card cannot save images as well, the most possible reason is the card slot is damaged. It's a small problem, just fix it at a local RC toy store or a digital product fixing shop.

Micro SD card slot on JXD 510G quadcopter

3. FPV screen has no signal.

JXD 510G quadcopter's FPV screen has no signal

● Check whether the aircraft has power and whether it's powered on. Please turn on it.

turn on JXD 510G quadcopter

● Check whether the camera cable is well connected to the drone F/C port. Remove it and then insert it back into the port firmly.

● If you have installed a TF card in the camera, please check whether it's well installed. If it's not, it also causes this phenomenon.

● When all above factors are eliminated, the left reasons should be: the camera or camera signal transmission component, or the FPV screen's signal receiving component is broken-down. These issues are a little bit serious, you need to take them to an RC toy shop to check and repair, or contact the after-sales service if necessary.

4. The drone flies backward.

5. The JXD 510G cannot fly for a short time (about 1 - 2minutes).

6. The transmitter cannot control the quadcopter.

For these three questions, please read the Fix JXD 510G quadcopter flying & transmitter issues, in this post, the answers and solutions are listed clearly.

For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased the JXD 510G quadcopter from us, but the guide doesn't solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

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