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Home > How To > LCD screen vs OLED screen: Which is better? Choose whicn one?
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LCD screen vs OLED screen: Which is better? Choose whicn one?

LCD screen vs OLED screen: Which is better? Choose whicn one?

By  Adan Flannigan 2019-07-21 6766 0

Most of the screens we see on the device are belong to the TFT screen. TFT is the abbreviation of the envelope transistor. Perhaps many people think that TFT is the LCD . In fact, if it is in accordance with the definition of TFT , it is controlled by the transistor. The color of the pixels plays a role in enhancing the screen display. Currently, the LCD is the most widely used TFT screen, and the OLED screen is also useful to TFT technology. LCD and OLED have their own advantages. Let's take a look at LCD and OLED .

 LCD screen vs OLED screen:

Types: there are too many types to subdivide

If you further subdivide the material of the screen, LCD and OLED can also be divided into many small classes. Due to the early development of LCD technology and the maturity of technology, there are many types of LCDs , and OLEDs have only emerged in recent years. OLED screens are mainly AMOLED , Super AMOLED and PMOLED .

 LCD screen vs OLED screen:

At present, LCD screens on the market can be divided into hard screen, semi-hard screen and soft screen. The screen on the mobile phone tablet is covered with a glass touch layer, so the screen material cannot be touched. If the touch screen material can touch the screen of the computer. Or the screen of the TV.

 LCD screen vs OLED screen:

The LCD soft screen is mainly TN , MVA , PVA, etc. The semi-hard screen is represented by LG 's IPS , and the hard screen is represented by Sharp's ASV , or other small types. The most commonly used LCD screens on mobile phones are IPS , PLS, etc., and some very low-end machines can also be seen using TN screens. TN screens are cheap but have poor viewing angles.

Principle: LCD needs backlight, OLED self-illumination

If you follow the principles say, LCD and OLED the simplest difference is that if self-luminous, due to the characteristics of OLED, OLED screen no backlight, each pixel screen is capable of emitting light, so that the benefits brought about higher contrast, and in The black performance of the OLED screen has an inherent advantage, can achieve a full black display that does not emit light, and this will also make the power consumption of the screen lower than the LCD .

 LCD screen vs OLED screen:

Since the OLED does not require a backlight, the OLED screen can be made thinner, which means that the thickness of the mobile phone can also be reduced when used on a mobile phone. Of course, the thickness of the mobile phone is not the thickness of the screen alone. At present, there are many mobile phones that use OLED screens but the thickness is not low. There are also mobile phones with LCD screens that have a slim body. The thickness of the mobile phone depends on the mobile phone. The overall design, the screen is not a decisive factor.

LCD screen vs OLED screen: 

The LCD screen screen requires a backlight source, because the LCD screen does not self-illuminate like an OLED , and the LCD brings different colors by adjusting the angle of the liquid crystal molecules. LCD backlights do not allow the contrast to reach the level of OLEDs , but with the development of LCD technology, LCD screens can achieve better contrast.

Color: LCD is natural, OLED has high color saturation

When Samsung introduced AMOLED in the early days , it was often criticized by users and the color was too bright, and the saturation of the color was particularly high. OLED has been developed for many years. Although it has improved a lot in color performance, it still has the problem of high color saturation. The color is particularly bright, which is particularly attractive to some users. It may be difficult for some users to adapt.

 LCD screen vs OLED screen:


The color of the LCD will be relatively natural, which is related to the color mechanism of the LCD itself. The LCD screen usually compensates for the red color and suppresses the green color to make the displayed color more realistic. One might argue that the LCD color gamut less than OLED, but what is certain is that the current high-end LCD has been able to achieve better color gamut on the market of high-end professional displays are basically LCD screen, after all, the true color for professional work Restore is the most important thing.

Life expectancy: LCD is longer

Since OLEDs emit light at every pixel, it means that each pixel is an independent LED light-emitting point, which may not be as good as a whole LCD for reliability . There are already many examples of " burning screen " and discoloration on mobile phones. On the one hand, it is the reliability of OLED screen quality . On the other hand, as the use time increases, the OLED screen is colored, broken, etc. The problem. With many mid-range mobile phones using OLED screens, the price of these mobile phones may be very strict. The quality of OLED screens may be less than that of OLED screens on flagship mobile phones. It may be more prone to problems when used for a long time.

 LCD screen vs OLED screen:

LCD screen LCDs generally have a long service life. For example, a computer LCD monitor or a flat-panel TV can last for more than 10 years. Of course, the LCD screen on a mobile phone can theoretically last for more than 10 years. The problems with LCD screens are mostly backlight problems. As the use time increases, the backlight source of the screen will age and the brightness will decrease. However, as long as the liquid crystal layer is not bad, the LCD reliability of the screen is better than that of OLED .

Eye protection: LCD natural DC dimming

The topic of DC dimming on OLED screens has been very hot. Many mobile phone manufacturers have equipped them with DC dimming function for mobile phones using OLED screens , and DC dimming can effectively reduce the stroboscopic problem of OLCD screens. Then, the LCD screen indicates that I am a natural DC dimming.

LCD screen vs OLED screen:​ 

The OLED strobe problem has been around for a long time, but we usually don't notice the strobe frequency when we look at the OLED screen. When it comes to strobe, it is necessary to understand the dimming principle of OLED screens. Since the OLED screen generates a jelly effect at a low voltage, the same method of lowering the voltage of the LCD to adjust the brightness of the screen cannot be used , and only the switching method can be used to adjust the brightness.

In the case of high brightness, the switching frequency of the OLED is very high, so the naked eye can hardly feel the stroboscopic occurrence, but in the case of low brightness, the switching frequency of the screen will decrease, and the too low strobe will cause people to produce The problem of fatigue, dizziness, headache, etc., is not conducive to health. In view of this , DC dimming of OLED screens has emerged.

Now the DC dimming used on the OLED screen is not very mature. There may be some minor problems. When we actually tested a mobile phone with DC dimming , we found that the brightness of the screen will decrease after DC dimming is turned on . Although there is no color cast when the three primary colors are compared, there is a case where the brightness is lowered.


For OLED screen, the biggest advantage is probably saving, thin and colorful (this may be a disadvantage), with the growing popularity of OLED because mobile phone manufacturers willing to choose the one hand, OLED OLED seems "tall on "On the other hand perhaps OLED thinner, more conducive to stack inside the phone, but still less than the LCD OLED mature, less reliability or LCD good.

For the LCD , although there is no OLED screen to save power, no OLED screen thin, but natural color performance is its biggest selling point, and has a natural DC dimming, no stroboscopic problems. LCD mature technology has become the choice of many mobile phone manufacturers, but with the popularity of OLED , the use of LCD screens has become less and less seen on the flagship machine . Many netizens have even called out the slogan "LCD is never a slave " . LCD also has its own charm, but only people who appreciate it are less and less.

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