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Home > How To > Little secrets about indicator lights on your Xiaomi Mi Band
Little secrets about indicator lights on your Xiaomi Mi Band

Little secrets about indicator lights on your Xiaomi Mi Band

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-15 42159 3

What's the Mi band indicator lights means in blue or red, blinking or stay on? Here we will make an explanation for you.

All the colors Mi Band shows including blue, orange, green and red. By default, blue is the main color that shows workout progress, of course, you can set LED color to show workout progress in Mi Fit App after pairing Mi Band with your phone, Profile - My device - Mi Band - LED color, choose the color you like to do that function.

change Mi band LED color

Here the following indicator lights colors are all shown in its default state.

3 blue lights blinking

When you search Mi Band device on Mi Fit App, you will see 3 blue lights blinking. This means the band is in pairing mode.

The indicators will light off after tapping on the metal sensor to complete the pairing. The indicators will light off (lights on only when first paired).

Mi band blue lights blinking

Red warning lights flashing and vibrate

This indicates your Mi band is running out of battery. At the same time, it will vibrate to remind you to recharge and will stop vibrating when external power is connected.


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Lights turn green

When Mi band is charging, the green light is on and blinking to show the charging progress, when three indicator lights all turn green and no flashing, it means your Mi band is fully charged.

Mi band kights turn green

Mi band full changing LED light

The middle light will flash...

If you set up call reminder (open Mi Fit App - Play - Incoming call - Turn on incoming call alerts).

Mi band incoming call light

The light in middle will flash and the wristband will vibrate for about 15 seconds when your phone receiving a call, never worry to miss any call.

Mi band incoming call LED light

Three green lights light up and vibrate

When Mi Band app seeking Mi band function is triggered (open Mi Fit App - Profile - My device Mi Band - Find Band).

Mi band vibration LED light

Three lights will light up and vibrate at the same time, which indicates that seeking Mi Band function on APP has been triggered.

Mi band LED light

1 to 3 blue lights on

1. 1-3 blue lights according to your exercising progress

Once you have achieved your daily sports target, congratulations! The three indicator lights will light up and the device will vibrate to inform you.

Mi band 1 to 3 blue lights on

2. 1-3 blue lights on when you raise your hand with Mi Band

Please note that Mi Band lights won't be on as soon as you raise hands, just give the Mi Band's sensor a little time to respond. 1-3 blue lights on according to the power quantity of Mi Band, if your Mi Band is in low power mode, only one light will be on when you raise hand, if it is fully charged, three lights will be on while raising your hand.

About raising hands gesture and settings, keep the following 2 points in mind:

Make sure your posture is right: let your arm ( the one wearing Mi Band ) drop naturally, wait for 1 to 2 seconds, and then put your wrist close to your chest with an angle of 45 degrees, wait for 1 to 2 seconds and it will light up.

Make sure your setting is well fit with your wearing: check your band location in Mi Band App (Profile - My device Mi Band - Band location) and check if it is set to be worn on the left or right hand. If your setting doesn't match your wearing, the indicator won't light on.

Mi band 1-3 blue lights on

Below you can find indicator lights with different situations for your reference.

Mi band indicator lights

So are you clear about Mi band indicator lights now? Only when you well know about it can you use it properly. Hope it helps!

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