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Home > How To > Mi Band 2 Guide | Easily fix ANY issue like a BOSS
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Mi Band 2 Guide | Easily fix ANY issue like a BOSS

Mi Band 2 Guide | Easily fix ANY issue like a BOSS

By  Zim Watson 2017-03-02 42734 1

Mi band 2 doesn't vibrate? Sleep detection doesn't work? Heart rate is not accurate? All function issues solutions are here for you!

The Xiaomi Mi band 2 offers as close to a complete smart wear experience as it's currently possible to attain: from the heart rate detection, the distance recording, calorie burn, to the incoming call/SMS notifications, and more. However, despite being the complete package, some users have experienced issues when using these functions. But, worry not, it's time for one guide to rule them all: our comprehensive insider's guide gives you the know-how to resolve each of them.

App / incoming call / SMS notifications

There are four requirements for your Mi band 2 to receive these app notifications:

• You need to install the corresponding application(s) on your phone. The Mi band 2 doesn't support direct app installations.

• Your band should be paired with the phone via the proprietary Mi Fit App.

• The App notification feature should be activated. So, even when your phone screen is locked, your band can receive app notifications as soon as your phone gets them.

Mi band 2 incoming calls notification

• The band should maintain its Bluetooth connection to the phone. Otherwise message notifications cannot be pushed to it.

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              Mi Band 2 Guide | Enable incoming call, SMS & App notifications

• Make sure the applications have not been closed in the background on your phone.

• The band requires a constant Bluetooth connection with your phone. The physical distance cannot exceed 10m, ideally with no obstructions.

• For some PC & phone compatible applications such as Wechat, if you have logged in to your account on both a PC and on your phone, check whether you have activated the "Do not disturb" feature on phone. If you have, then the message notification(s) will only appear on the PC and not appear on the phone; your band will also be unable to receive the notification(s).

Older Mi band 2 firmware versions did not support caller ID (name or phone number). However the most recent update has this feature enabled by developers.

• Please note that currently only English character names are supported, non-English characters such as Chinese, Japanese, etc. are not supported – instead, these will be shown as question marks.

Mi band 2 notification

• If the phone number is from a phone contact, the name will be displayed; otherwise, it will only show the phone number on the band's display.

Mi band 2 incoming call notification

• Check whether your phone meets the minimum requirements for the Mi band and the Bluetooth version. Android devices should be at least, with iOS devices being iOS 8 or later, and the phone’s version is Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

• Check whether your band is correctly connected with your phone. The maximum Bluetooth connection distance is 10 meters, however the ideal distance is 5 meters. Otherwise the connection will not be stable preventing calls and notifications being correctly relayed.

• Check whether the Mi Fit application is actually running in the background. Certain memory management apps and system cleaners can close or stop this app. Make sure the app is white listed and given access to run uninterrupted.

• Always update your Mi band 2 firmware. Just close the Mi Fit App and then re-launch it, any available update will be automatically detected and installed on your band.

If none of the above methods solve the connection issue, a hardware fault is the most likely explanation. Contact the aftersales service for technical assistance, they will help you to deal with it.

The Mi band 2 only supports message notifications however it doesn't display the actual message contents. This is a common misunderstanding among Mi band 2 users.

Mi band 2 incoming SMS notifications


In fact, the pedometer feature works automatically. Whenever you power on the band and wear it on your wrist, it automatically detects your activity. However if the pedometer doesn't work, check the following:

• Does your band's battery have sufficient power? If not, charge it.

• Does the band have the very latest firmware version? If not, close the Mi Fit app on your phone and then launch it again, connect the band to your phone, then the band's firmware will update automatically.

Once the two factors above have been excluded, there may be a hardware fault. Please contact the aftersales support service for more additional help.

The step calculation/pedometer feature works based on Xiaomi's own hardware and software algorithms. This is based on: arm waving gesture, step stride, body gesture, road surface evenness, and road gradient.

So if your arm waves are not clear, or your stride is very short, the band may not detect these as exercises leading to inaccurate step calculation. So, when walking, try to ensure all aspects of the stride pattern are met.

To prevent miscounting and reduce the possibility of step calculation errors, the Mi band 2 will only calculate your steps after you continuously walk 10 steps. The lowest step number displayed on the band screen is therefore 10. Following this, the screen will show steps taken in real-time.

The distance is calculated based on your height, exercise intensity (stride frequency) and step length using Xiaomi's own proprietary algorithm. It is therefore critically important to provide accurate personal information in the Mi Fit App to prevent/minimize this problem.

This problem can be caused by 2 reasons: your band is not connected to the phone or the data synchronization is delayed. Solve it with these three tips:

• Check whether your phone and band are correctly connected.

• Simply close the Mi Fit application and then launch it again, all the data will sync automatically.

• If the data synchronization does not work, remove the interface to force it to refresh.

Connect your band to your phone and sync the data with it then recheck to determine whether it is now normal.

If it's not, try the following methods:

• Turn off then turn on the Bluetooth, then reconnect the band to your phone.

Update your band's firmware. (Open the Mi Fit App, if there is an update, the band will update automatically.)

Unpair the band with your smartphone and then pair them again. Check whether the band is working normally.

• The final method is to contact the aftersales technical support if none of the above methods resolve the issue.

Sleep detection

No band is perfect. It detects and gathers data from subtle physiological activities.

When you first activate this band, you need to accurately provide your real personal information such as gender, height, weight, and age; otherwise, the band's sensor will misread and be unable to detect the exact physical activity data. Different calculation results may be affected, for example step calculation, heart rate detection, exercise distance, calorie consumption, etc.

The right way to use the band's sleep detection feature is to first launch this function; then wear the band when sleeping. If you have followed the all the correct steps but the function still does not work as intended, we suggest rebooting your phone and reconnecting the Mi band 2 to it –test it again carefully.

You can check whether you have configured the correct settings:

Open the Mi Fit application, and connect the Mi band 2 to it. Enter the Profile interface -- Mi band 2 (under My devices bar), check the Band location. If you wear it on your left hand then choose left hand, if not, choose right hand. Keep wearing it on your wrist when sleeping, monitoring data will be synced on your phone.

If the settings and method of use are correct but the sleep detection is still not operating normally, try these steps:

For Android devices: Log out of the Mi account on your phone and then log back in. Wear the band on your wrist and sleep for one night, check whether the data has been correctly synced on the Mi Fit app in the morning.

For iOS devices: log out of your current Mi account and then log into another (new) Mi account. Log out of this new account and back into your main/personal Mi account. Check whether the sleep detection feature is working normally.

If all of the above steps are unsuccessful, contact the aftersales service for additional help, they will help you to address the issue.

Heart rate detection

The correct way to detect heart rate with Mi band 2: wear the band correctly on your wrist, ensuring the heart rate detection sensor is in contact with your skin, switch to the heart rate detection feature on the band, and please wait for a while to allow the band to detect your pulse.

Mi band 2 heart rate detection

If the feature doesn't work, follow these steps:

• Try not to move, keep still to allow the band to detect your heart rate.

Unpair the band from your phone and then pair them again.

• Connect the band to your phone and then launch the Mi Fit application. If there is any Mi band 2 firmware update, it will run automatically. If there is no update notification, uninstall the App and reinstall it to exclude the update issue.

• If none of the above methods resolve the issue, check whether there is a working green light on the back of the band's body when you activate the heart rate detection feature on the band. If not, then the sensor is faulty. Contact the aftersales service for further help.

Mi band 2 wear way heart rate detection

• Wearing the band incorrectly; it must be worn on wrist with the underside touching your skin.

• You move your hand/arm during pulse detection; please keep still.

• You wear the band too tight on your wrist or fist your hand; these affect blood circulation and the result.

• The color of your wrist skin, skin hair, tattoos, and scars also affect the result.

The right way to wear Mi band 2 when using heart rate detection feature: Wear the band on your wrist, making the pulse sensor is in contact with your skin, switch to the heart rate detection on your band, relax and try not to move, to allow the band to detect your heart rate.

Most of today's smart bands or smart watches adopt an optical sensor, this uses an LED light to scan the blood capillary blood flow speed inside the body; this is then used to calculate heart rate per minute. However the optical sensor can be affected by the light intensity, skin sweat, skin condition, etc. These variables make it difficult to prevent every possible error.

Data sync

To correctly sync Mi band 2 sensor and health data to your phone, you need to install the Mi Fit application on your phone. Then connect the band to your phone via Bluetooth. The band's onboard data will then automatically sync to the Mi Fit App on your phone.

• Make sure your band has sufficient power. Alternatively, you can sync data manually by pulling down the "Status" interface of Mi Fit App from the top.

Mi band 2 data sync

• If the method was unsuccessful, try it again. Or shut down the Mi Fit application and launch it again to force it to sync. Still doesn't work? Reboot your phone and try again.

If all the methods fail to resolve the issue, there might be something wrong with the band's CPU, contact the aftersales service for more technical support for the issue.

Other issue

You should check whether your phone's OS version and Bluetooth version are compatible with the Mi band 2 or not. They need to meet the minimum requirements.

Mi band 2 devices compatibility: Android OS 4.3 version and up, iOS OS 8.0 or later. Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

Notice that some of the features cannot be used on iOS devices, check the user manual for more details.

If all the above factors have been eliminated, then product quality issue is likely to be the cause of the problem; just contact the aftersales service for further help on the matter.

GearBest user's aftersales service center: Support center.

For further questions and help, simply enter this page and fill in your ticket information before sending to us. We will deal with your issues as soon as we receive them.

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