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Home > How To > Mi Band 2 Guide | Enable incoming call, SMS & App notifications
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Mi Band 2 Guide | Enable incoming call, SMS & App notifications

Mi Band 2 Guide | Enable incoming call, SMS & App notifications

By  Zim Watson 2017-02-22 93627 433

You want to receive incoming call, message, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, etc. applications notifications on Mi band 2? Mi band 2 message notification doesn't work? Let's make it!



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In today's hyper-connected world, information updates and changes so fast. Whether it's your work or personal life, we never want to miss any emails, phone calls, chat messages, or social media updates. For most of us, staying in the loop means everything. The Mi Band 2, arguably one of the most popular smart devices in the world, not only help us with maintaining exercise and promoting health, it also plays a vital role keeping us connected with its notifications. However, feedback from some of our Mi Band 2 users suggests that they are not even making use of this powerful notification feature – despite being one of the device's integral functions. Today, I'm going to give you a primer on how to use this Mi band 2 feature for incoming calls, SMS, and other push notifications.

Enable Mi band 2 Incoming Call, SMS & App Notifications


What exactly is the Mi band 2 new information notification feature?

The Mi band 2's information notification feature was added by Xiaomi designers to conveniently notify wearers (by vibration) when incoming calls, SMS, or push notifications arrive on their phone. However there are two requirements:

(a). the phone and smart band are connected using the Mi Fit application via Bluetooth

(b). your phone and Mi band 2 cannot be more than 10 meters apart.


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How do I enable / use the Mi band 2 notification feature?

Step 1.

Turn on your phone's Bluetooth feature and then launch the Mi Fit App. The two paired devices – Mi band 2 and your phone – will automatically connect and sync. (If they have not been paired before, please refer to our guide: How to connect / pair Mi band 2 to phone.)

Step 2.

Once the two devices are connected, enter the Mi Fit app's main interface, tap the "Play" option at the bottom. Here you can see four primary notification features: Incoming call, Alarm, Mi Band alerts and Idle alert. There is also a "More" option in the center, tap it to view additional notification categories: Incoming SMS, Incoming email, Goals notification, and Do not disturb).

4 primary notification features on Mi Fit App

Step 3.

Turn on the specific notification options that you want your Mi band 2 to notify you with to create your own personalized settings. Let's take a look at each of the primary notification features.

Incoming call: Tap the "Incoming call" option in Mi Fit app's "Play" interface. Toggle the notification on. Once activated, a Bluetooth Pairing Request will pop up requesting phone access authorization, just confirm the request. The two devices will be paired allowing you to access further settings: Delay alerts (vibrate 3s after the first ring) and Show contact information (this is a new added feature and shows caller ID information).

Incoming call option in Mi Fit app

set Incoming call in Mi Fit app

Mi band 2 incoming calls notification

Alarm: From the same "Play" interface, tap the "Alarm" option. From the next screen, you can add and modify up to 10 different alarms on the band. Tap the alarm or "Edit" to set the exact alarm time and associated repeat schedule (e.g. once, every day, Monday to Friday, or Custom). Tapping "Edit" allows you to toggle off unwanted alarms by pressing the red dot.

set alarm in Mi Fit app

select alarm time in Mi Fit app

Mi Band alerts: Most of your phone's major social media apps will be listed in this section, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, etc. Simply tap the toggle next to the corresponding app to activate its notification feature on your Mi band 2.

Mi Band app alerts

Idle alert: Tap this feature to enter it. As described on the interface, the feature notifies you (by gently vibrating) if the band detects periods of inactivity – the default duration is one hour. Tap the toggle switch to activate this function. You can choose the Start time and End time, also you can activate the noon nap (siesta) "Do not disturb" feature (from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM) which we think is a superbly intuitive and humanized design decision.

Mi band 2 Idle alert

Along with the options displayed on the main interface, there are also a wealth of additional notification options in the "More" section. We take a look at some of them in greater detail.

Mi band 2 additional notifications

Incoming SMS: Clicking this opens its settings interface. The toggles allow you to turn on incoming SMS alerts, along with showing contact information. Note: the latter is only available on the very latest version of the Mi Fit application and display the SMS sender's name or number, but no message content.

Mi band 2 incoming SMS alerts

Mi band 2 incoming SMS alerts

Incoming email: This allows you to be notified of new emails in your inbox.

Goals notifications: If you have set a specific exercise goal on the Mi band 2, you can activate its notification so the band vibrates only when you reach your goal.

Do not disturb (DND): This is a useful and powerful feature to deactivate notifications between specific times (Start time and End time), for example during the night. This gives a tremendous amount of personalization and control.

Mi band 2 incoming email alerts

After setting your personal notifications, the Mi Band 2 will now vibrate to notify you based on your individual preferences. Now you'll never have to worry about missing any important phone calls, messages, or social media updates.

Was this article useful for you? We hope that this feature can make both your personal and online life even easier. If you have any further questions about the Mi band 2's notification feature, you're welcome to ask us. We will try our best to help you!

For GearBest users, you can directly leave messages on our dedicated Support Center, and our support staff will deal with them as soon as possible.

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