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Home > How To > Mi Band 2 secrets | EVERYTHING you need to know before buying
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Mi Band 2 secrets | EVERYTHING you need to know before buying

Mi Band 2 secrets | EVERYTHING you need to know before buying

By  Zim Watson 2017-02-14 105066 623

Before you buy Xiaomi's versatile Mi band 2, you'll probably have some product questions. These are most frequently asked questions the consumers often ask and the corresponding answers.



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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 FAQ

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2, the advanced successor of the Mi band 1S, is popular with all age groups. Since Gearbest made it available for sale, we have received so many emails and product questions from our users. To finally satisfy your curiosity, we have compiled this exhaustive Xiaomi Mi Band 2 FAQ. We hope it helps you learn more about this amazing gear.

SNS & Incoming call

No. You can only receive message notifications but cannot view the detailed content on the band. The actual message content must be viewed on your phone.

No. The Mi band 2/1S can receive message notifications, but it doesn’t support direct message replies. Replies must be composed and sent via your phone.

Along with phone messages and phone calls, the Mi band 2 can also notify you about push notifications from your apps, e.g. Whatsapp, Wechat, Facebook, etc. However, you will need to set the App message synchronization notification on the Mi Fit App.

Yes, it can. The latest firmware version Mi band 2 can notify you about incoming calls with a phone icon, caller’s name or phone number (if it’s not the existed one from your contact or no name stored) with vibration. Do remember to update the firmware to newest version.

The default vibration time is 3 seconds. You can set the duration according to your own needs on the Mi Fit App.

No, the vibration duration cannot be changed. Upon receiving a call, the band will keep vibrating until the call is answered or terminated. Alternatively, you can also end the vibration simply by tapping the band’s screen.


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Bluetooth & Data synchronization

It depends on the specific occasion:

● For pedometer / sleeping detection / alarm clock features, a Bluetooth connection with your phone is not required. You can sync all your data from the Mi band 2 to your phone using a Mi Fit App later. (Launch and set the Alarm clock feature on the Mi Fit App on your phone initially, then you can use this function without Bluetooth connection.)

● For call / message notification / screen unlocking / band finding features, a constant Bluetooth connection is required to receive the information and notifications in real-time.

Yes, the Mi band 2 can be used without your phone.

● The Mi band 2 can record / save data by itself. So, for example, when you are going out for a run, you don’t need to also take your phone. Just sync running data to your phone when you’re back home using Bluetooth.

● The maximum period to store data on Mi band 2 is 7 days. Please remember to sync your data before then, otherwise it will be overwritten by new data.

● The data you have already synced to the Mi Fit App will be uploaded to the Xiaomi cloud and saved there permanently. If you change to a new phone, just log in to the same Xiaomi account on the new device and bind to it with the Mi band 2. All your historical data can then be synced to your new smartphone immediately.

You need to connect your Mi band 2 to the Mi Fit App first and then launch it; the band’s data will then automatically sync to your phone. Or you can choose to sync the data manually via the application interface.

If data synchronization fails, you can:

● Try it again;

● Close the App and then re-launch it to try again;

● Turn off Bluetooth and back on again to reconnect the band to the App;

● Unpair the Mi band 2 Bluetooth device from your phone, reconnect the band then try again;

● Reboot your phone and try again.


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The entire range of Xiaomi sports/health related products – including the smart band, watch, scale and shoes – can only can be connected to your phone using the official Mi Fit application. You can download it from the Mi App market, any Android application market, or the Apple store.

Enter the Mi Fit application and check in the following locations:

• App version: Profile -- Settings -- About -- App version

• Stable version: Profile -- Mi band 2 -- Firmware version


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Xiaomi’s algorithm is based on the user's specific height, exercise intensity and arm shaking frequency to calculate the user’s step length and the total distance walked or run.

We kindly suggest you to provide the correct data and personal information on the Mi Fit App for the most accurate result.

There are two ways:

● Tap the Mi band 2 screen, it will light up and show the time. Keep tapping it until a Footprint icon is visible, your step data will then appear.

● Open the Mi Fit App on your phone, the pedometer data also shows if the band has a Bluetooth connection with your phone.

Yes. While the units have default settings, each can be changed via the Mi Fit App’s settings.

change the distance units of Mi band

Not really. The heart rate feature only detects the current heart rate when you are using it.

Just tap the band screen (or activate the "Lift wrist to view info" feature on the Mi Fit App) and keep tapping it until the Heart rate feature (a heart shape icon) is visible. The gear will eventually show your current heart rate on the band screen and also the phone Mi Fit App interface.

Mi band 2 can automatically recognize a sleep; don't worry, it can also tell the difference between being idle and sleeping.

You can set up to a maximum of 10 separate alarms on the Mi band 2.

When the alarm sounds, the band will vibrate 5 times. You can touch the screen to deactivate it. If you don't stop the alarm, the band will automatically repeat vibrating every 10 minutes another 6 times.

For now, the GPS function has not yet been developed for the Mi band 2. The total list of current functions includes: pedometer, heart rate detection, calorie count, sleep detection & analysis, vibrant alarm, message / call notification, and screen unlocking (only available on Android device).

You need to update the Mi Fit App to the latest version before setting the time and date from within the application. The time data will automatically sync to the band.

No. The Mi band 2 currently only supports connections to Xiaomi's official sports, App Mi Fit. Other sports applications are not compatible with it.

Yes, it’s waterproof. But the waterproof level of Mi band 2 is IP67, which means it can prevent water damage in daily use like washing hands, washing face, short time steeping, etc. We kindly suggest you to avoid swimming / taking a shower with this product because the the soaking time is too long and the water pressure may weak the water resistance of this band.


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No. When the Mi band 2 is in a low battery state, the Mi Fit App on your phone will remind you to charge the band; the Mi band 2 itself will also vibrate to notify you.

We strongly suggest you charge the band when you receive the notification to ensure normal use.

No. The wristband of Mi band 1S and Mi band 2 cannot be used interchangeably. The size of the Mi band 2's wristband is larger than that of the previous generation Mi band 1S.

The working temperature is: -10°C to 50°C. The band will not function properly if the temperature is on either side of these extremes.

Yes. Xiaomi has released its Mi band 2 in two different colored boxes: brown and white. The white box is the new design package. If you are genuinely worried about this, you can scan the QR code or download Mi Fit application from the Xiaomi / Android / Google Play / Apple stores. If the band connects your phone with this App, then it’s a 100% sauthentic product.


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