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Home > How To > Newbie guide to E-cig atomizers: 10 things you always wanted to ask
Newbie guide to E-cig atomizers: 10 things you always wanted to ask

Newbie guide to E-cig atomizers: 10 things you always wanted to ask

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 2974 2

Most people are aware of e-cigs. We bridge the knowledge gap with this handy guide that asks 10 key questions about atomizers.

things need to know about E-cig atomizers

1. What is a rebuildable atomizer?

A rebuildable atomizer (or RBA), is an atomizer which can be assembled and rebuilt. This offers many customization options to tailor your own vaping experience.

2. What is a rebuildable dripper?

An RDA is a kind of atomizer that drops e-juice to the wick on the deck for a big vapor cloud.

3. What is a clearomizer?

Simply put, it’s a tank atomizer with a replacement coil head. The core should be replaced after a certain time use to ensure safe use.

4. Why is there leaking around the air hole?

There are a number of possible reasons: the tank is not tightening, searing is broken or a low-quality atomizer can all lead to this leakage issue.

5. What is an atomizer short-circuit? Is it dangerous?

There is a positive and negative electrode on the bottom of the atomizer which utilizes PC material as an insulator. If a short circuit occurs, then the current is not passing the resistance wire.

Yes, it is dangerous due to ultra low resistance that can lead to a discharge current from the battery – rendering the device hot. If the battery is low quality, the risk increases.

6. Single coil, dual coils or multi-coils?

More wires can increase the amount of vaporizing e-juice to produce more vapor cloud. If you are not familiar with resistance and voltage, a single coil setup would be a good start.

7. Does a single coil or a dual coil consume more electricity?

The heating resistance of a wire is just like an electric appliance in the whole cycling circuit. More wires will consume more electricity.

8. Stainless steel, glass or acrylic tank?

Each has its own merits.

The stainless steel tank is firm and aesthetically pleasing; we can only judge the e-juice level from the taste.

A glass tank can display how much e-juice remains directly, however it is relatively fragile.

While acrylic has the same shortcoming as glass, it is easy to set and holds more juice in some atomizers. However, the acrylic one is not suitable for all kinds of e-juice – especially if it contains glycerin.

9. I have a XX mod, which atomizer is best for it?

The battery and the mod is one part of e-cig. Every atomizer can be placed on the mod if it has compatible connector interface (depends on the atomizer base diameter).

However, there is no universally best atomizer for all vapers. Experiment and discover your favorite, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive or latest device.

10. Why do I feel like I’m swallowing e-liquid each puff?

Generally speaking, you may be inhaling too fast. If the juice is not vaporizing enough by the time it enters your mouth – slow down for a better vaping experience.

Alternatively, if the tank is not tightening enough, the juice could be leaking out to a chimney. So you suck up the liquid because the vaporizing process did not occur correctly.

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