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Home > How To > Ninebot APP FAQ
Ninebot APP FAQ

Ninebot APP FAQ

By  Niki Jones 2018-12-05 5104 0

Ninebot APP is the most distinctive human-computer interaction interface of Ninebot series balance cars. It is a link that connects millions of users. Ninebot APP's powerful functions bring us convenience and fun to travel. Its functional interface includes the main interface of performance, parameter setting, N circles, car club, N currency mall, etc, including all functions that users can use in daily life.

Ninebot App

Q1: Where can I download the latest version of the APP?

A1: Iphones can check the keyword "Ninebot" in the "App store"Android mobile phone can search and download the Ninebot APP in various App markets.

Q2: What's the difference between App version update and firmware update?

A2: APP version update refers to the update of customer software on the mobile phone. The mobile phone can receive the update reminder, and the update of APP brings more interesting functions and features. Firmware update refers to the firmware update of the system on the balance vehicle motherboard, which brings more stable and safe performance. APP updates and upgrades will not change the performance of the balanced vehicle, while firmware upgrades will probably change the riding experience, and it is up to the user to decide whether to upgrade or not.

Q3: How does the APP interface go to the mode with real-time images?

A3: The vehicle must be moving, or step on the pedal with one foot. Clicking on the middle position will switch to camera mode.

 Q4: When will the APP be available for the Apple watch?

A4: Still under development

Q5: APP dissolves owner certification [transfer]

A5: The APP connects the car, and click the avatar to enter the owner certification bar for modification, which can be modified or cancelled.

Q6: Why doesn't the APP offer a bonus for mileage updates?

A6: Connecting to the APP after authentication

Q7: The vehicle was stolen! Can the current user be located or notified through the APP?

A7: There's no way to do it now, see if any good Samaritan can help you get it back.

Q8: How to change the name displayed on the main interface of the APP?

A8: Link app in Settings and change Bluetooth name.

Q9: Can I connect to the APP without network connection?

A9: Some previous versions require open traffic to connect, and the latest version can be linked without connecting to the network, but the mileage cannot be updated.

Q10: How to join the car club?

A10: Please upgrade the APP to the latest version 4.1.0. You can easily see the entrance of the club.

Q11: Where can I find the driving number to join the club?

A11: Check the body. If the sticker on your car might be torn off, the APP works best. (frame number is the serial number of the vehicle)

Q12: How to exit the club in APP?

A12: After entering the club, click "club member". After entering the new interface, the " exit club" button is at the bottom. After exiting, you can rejoin other clubs seven days later.

Q13: What to do when appearing white screen frequently, then automatically stop running?

A13: Generally speaking, Android system is quite common, so please clean up the cache before opening the APP. In addition, the APP requires the system version to check whether the mobile phone system version is too low or the system version is too high, and no support has been provided yet.


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