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Home > How To > OnePlus 6T mobile phone FAQ
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OnePlus 6T mobile phone FAQ

OnePlus 6T mobile phone FAQ

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-27 3037 0

OnePlus 6T 4G Phablet as a phablet features 6.41 inch display afford you a vivid and different visual experience. Three cameras 16.0MP + 20.0MP rear camera and 16.0MP front camera, you can enjoy images with high resolution. It comes with most of the features we've come to expect from a phablet, here are the FAQ of OnePlus 6T mobile phone.

OnePlus 6T


1. You can enter *#06# in the dial-up interface of the mobile phone to get.
2. You can see on the back of the mobile phone packaging box.
3. You can find it on the Internet access label on the back of the mobile phone.
Because OnePlus 6T has fingerprints under the screen, it will open the active display function by default. The active display interface after lifting the hand and lighting the screen cannot recognize the face. It is not the face unlocking failure that can recognize the face only after lighting the lock screen interface.
1. After turning on the automatic brightness adjustment, the system will reconstruct a brightness adjustment curve according to the user's adjustment this time. If the current ambient light is brighter and the user manually adjusts the brightness of the screen to very dark, the brightness of the screen will only brighten when the subsequent need is much stronger than the current ambient light.
2. In order to enable users to have a suitable screen brightness when the ambient light is darker, the screen brightness corresponding to about three-quarters of the length of the current brightness adjustment progress bar is about 0-200; the screen brightness corresponding to the last quarter of the length is about 200-1023.
OnePlus 6T speaker on the left and microphone on the right.
Press the desktop for a long time, enter the wallpaper settings, and slide left to set the time display mode.
In Android P version, if you need to connect to hidden Wi-Fi due to the update of security mechanism, you need to do the following: Set - WLAN and Internet - WLAN - Add Network - Advanced Options - Hide Network - Select Yes. In addition, when the operation is completed, if the router is connected but there is no network, you also need to enter the settings - WLAN and Internet - private DNS - select "Close". When adding the network, we should choose the encrypted WPA/WPA2 PSK for the sake of security.
Not open by default, need to set, toolbox, quick start.
Settings - keys and gestures - virtual keys - full screen gestures.


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You can try to close the face and unlock it.
Long Press Desktop - Home Screen Settings - Double-click Lock Screen
Settings - Sound Vibration Classification Touch Vibration Turn Off.
Open the camera, slide up from the black area at the bottom of the Photo button (not the bottom) and a drawer window will appear. Just click on the settings.
When the screen is unlocked, the fingerprint needs to be read in highlight mode first, so there will be a delay when the mobile phone changes to night mode after unlocking.
The assistant application here refers to the assistant application that meets the Android standard. One plus currently does not provide its own voice assistant service, but some users will install their own voice assistant. Users can use this function to wake up Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other assistant applications that meet this standard more quickly.
Ear return function is supported in K-song scene.


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There is an option to automatically turn on WLAN in the WLAN preference settings. Just turn it off.
Long press power button with options or fast gesture three finger screenshots.
No. The working conditions of fast charging: the temperature limit of fast charging function is 16-45 C; the fast charging function must be used with the original charger and data line; do not use the mobile phone with high intensity when charging.
It's not that there aren't any. It's that there are too many icons and the crowded ones can't be displayed. You can see it when you pull down.
Settings - date and time - using 24-hour system.
Membranes that support screen fingerprints and re-enter fingerprints.
Yes, pull in the application drawer on the main page and slide in from the left to the right to hide the application page.
Press the desktop clock for a long time. When it is loosened, there will be a box. When it is pulled down, there will be a city.


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In multitask interface; three small dots in the upper right corner of the application will come out.
Need to enter rec double cleaning and brush in full package.
Setting up - WLAN and Internet - SIM card and mobile network - dual 4G network.
You need to open the settings, display, raise your hand and light the screen into the lock screen interface in order to recognize the face.
At present, there is no video recording application in the system. You can download the third-party video recording application by yourself.
After you need root, download the corresponding simulation software (for example, NFC card simulation)
Long press desktop, home screen settings, hydrogen window closed.
After opening the list of software by scratching on the top and scratching on the left and right, you can add hiding and view hiding applications.

Point into the alarm clock and scratch it to the bottom with a delete alarm clock.

It is life waterproof, please do not intentionally immerse in water.
Open the settings, about the mobile phone, click on the version number many times.
Yes, the main screen slides right to open the hydrogen window, clicks on the remaining space in the management center or sets up storage to clean up the space.
Long press the management center, slide upward, and the word "remove" will appear. Drag it to the removal place.
Setting, displaying, hibernating and choosing the required screen time is enough.


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