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Home > How To > Pokemon Go Go Go: the secret beginners guide
Pokemon Go Go Go: the secret beginners guide

Pokemon Go Go Go: the secret beginners guide

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 3415 0

Get the inside track on becoming a master Pokemon Hunter with our special guide.

Pokemon Go Go Go beginners guide

1. Turn Off AR

For me, it feels like the accuracy of throwing a Poke ball after closing AR is about 15 billion times higher. When you open the AR, the pokemon appears anywhere in the viewport; with AR off, the pokemon will only appear in the middle of the screen. This makes them much easier to catch.

Turn Off AR

2. Go to the places you have never been before

You will see nearby pokemon on the 3x3 interface, the upper left corner is the closest to you, the other pokemons are increasingly further away down to the lower right corner. Keeping this interface open lets you search for pokemon easier.

Go to the places you have never been before

3. Throw a Curve ball

Want to be cool? Try throwing a curve ball. Before throwing, let it spin for a while at your fingertips until it sparks, then throw the ball with some spin. A curveball also gives you a little extra HP.

Throw a Curve ball

4. Don't always show off, accuracy is the most important

Compared with little spark, hitting your goal is more important. Press and hold the Poke ball: the colored circle which indicates the target lock gradually become smaller. The smaller the circle, the more HP you will be awarded (up to 100 points).

5. Don't be frugal on a tiny item

Use it early when you need to because you will get a ton of items in the future. If you find wild pokemon become are becoming more difficult to catch, feed them brambleberry and use a super ball (or master ball) to catch them.

6. Zoom in / out

This is very simple, but very effective. Zooming in and out makes it easier to click on wild pokemon that appears above the Gym. You can also use this trick when you pass pokemon when sitting on a speeding train. You can use traditional double-click or two-finger operation to zoom the view.

7. Maintain phone power

Pokemon Go is a cell phone battery killer. Activating energy-saving mode will extend the battery time a bit. You can also lower screen brightness. If you are planning on going outside to capture pokemon, bring at least one mobile power bank.

Zoom in / out

8. Egg incubation

Pokemon egg hatching progress is based on your walking distance. Different eggs may require you to walk 2km, 5km or 10km. Please note: Pokemon Go only counts your steps when the application is open. The game also knows if you are in a car or train so don't think about cheating.

Maintain phone power

9. Cherish your stardust

You get stardust by hatching eggs and capturing wild pokemon. Stardust can be used to increase the potential power of your pokemon; it's the game's most important resource. We suggest using stardust on already high power pokemon, instead of wasting it on low level pokemon.

Cherish your stardust

10. Crack your egg at the right time

Wanting more awards? Focus on the evolution of your pokemon. You'll increase your chances of getting lucky eggs; these can double your HP gain. If you work with evolutions, lures and incense, it is easy to raise several levels.

11. Having a good sleep cannot solve every problems

A good sleep actually cannot remedy your pokemon' injury or stun in combat. The only way to get them back on the battlefield is to feed them with items. Evolution is an exception, pokemon will always fully recover after evolution.

12. Organize your backpack

Your backpack is overflowing? If you cannot bear removing stuff, fighting is the fastest way to make a vacancy – never hesitate to use basic medicine.

13. Give your pokemon a name

The default name set by Nintendo is changeable, you can select one of your pokemon, click the pencil icon, and then type a new name. This is helpful when you need to distinguish pokemon with the same name!


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