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Home > How To > Purchase of outdoor travel equipment from head to feet
Purchase of outdoor travel equipment from head to feet

Purchase of outdoor travel equipment from head to feet

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-12 5983 0

In a warm, sunny day, choose three or five friends, stay out of the city, get to nature, and relax. Outdoor sports are increasingly popular with the urban people, and for the inexperience man who has just been exposed to the outdoors, how do we buy outdoor equipment?

outdoor traveling  


First of all, make it clear that the clothes we usually wear are not suitable for outdoor sports. Outdoor sports require clothing with "functions". Such as warm, breathable, waterproof and so on. Even when buying a garment in an outdoor sports store, we must pay more attention to function and availability, without having to tangle with styles and colors too much.

Clothing must be dressed in an onion style to ensure that it can be increased or reduced at any time. The inner layer should wear fast dry clothes to avoid the cold wind effect of pure cotton underwear. Secondly, the jacket with warm effect and the jacket with GORE-TEX® fabric are also indispensable. Trousers are also windproof, waterproof, and can play a better protective role.

the jacket with GORE-TEX® fabric 

In addition to keeping warm, keeping dry is very important. In outdoor sports, humidity can cause serious survival problems, because the evaporation of water takes away heat from the body. Use rain gear whenever it rains, take it off immediately when it doesn't rain, and don't wear your raincoat all the time.

 superdry Clothing 


Professional outdoor shoes are made of leather, velvet, or a mixture of materials, plus a waterproof and breathable layer, which make it easy to cross a stream. Strong durability is reflected in the workmanship, the sole should adopt a strong grip design, and some are strengthened in the heel part to protect the ankle of the user.

outdoor shoes  


Outdoor backpacks must be strong, wear resistant and waterproof. The design should be also compact, and whether the plug-in setup is professional and solid is also something to consider. Too much weight is not suitable for travel, so the materials are light and strong.

Outdoor backpacks 


The choice of accessories should not be belittled either: whether a hat has ear protection and can block ultraviolet light should be considered. Gloves should be light and warm, and it is important to design with a non-slip layer to increase friction. Try to avoid wearing cotton socks, as it is easy to get blisters on your feet after sweating.


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