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Home > How To > Questions and answers related to the usage of Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Questions and answers related to the usage of Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Questions and answers related to the usage of Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

By  Niki Jones 2019-02-16 3672 0

Xiaomi Mi smart robot vacuum cleaner is a perfect budget robot vacuum, it is very easy to use even without connected to the Wifi. It can work on everything: carpets, tiles and wood, and it charges itself and builds a map of the house, you just need to use one button control to run it. So the device can save you lots of time, makes life a lot easier and streesfree.Today I’ll give you some questions and answers related to the use of Xiaomi Mi smart robot vacuum cleaner. 

Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Charging base’s placement requires about 0.5m of space on both sides, and more than 1m of space in front, and the back of the charging base should be placed against the wall. It is generally recommended to put the charging base in the living room, because living room is generally open, so please do not put the charging base in a crowded and narrow area.
The robot vacuum cleaner can work normally on all these floors.
The robot vacuum cleaner is a product that can really help you clean the floor, so there will be some sounds in the normal work. At the same time, you can download the "Mi Home" APP and connect to the robot, and then choose the quiet mode to reduce the noise. Or set "regular cleaning" to start cleaning when there is no one in the home.
The robot vacuum cleaner doesn't have a mop function.
The working time of the vacuum cleaner is related to room size and furniture placement. Generally speaking, the cleaning time of a room with 100 square meters is less than 60 minutes. If the furniture is put in order and there is less debris on the ground, the cleaning time will be shorter.


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Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner uses 100-240v / 50-60hz wide-width power supply, which can be used normally. However, since the internal clock of the device does not support foreign time zones at present, the timing and don't disturb function may not be able to work properly.
Regular cleaning is supported. Please download the "Mi Home" APP to connect with the vacuum cleaner and enter the setting option to complete the setting of regular cleaning.
The robot vacuum cleaner can work normally on the short-haired or suede carpets, but it may not work properly on the long-haired carpets. In addition,as for some dark-colored carpets, the vacuum cleaner will not clean them.
If that happens, there are small steps that the robot can go down but can't get up, it is suggested to buy virtual wall accessories for the robot to block, which can avoid the case.
Please check whether the width or height of this place is similar to the diameter or height of the robot vacuum cleaner. If the height or width is close to the size of the robot, it is suggested to buy virtual wall accessories in GearBest to prevent the robot from entering this area.
During the working process, the robot can move within a small range after pausing, but if it moves too far, the robot may start cleaning again due to the failure of path planning.
The robot vacuum cleaner can be used in the all-black environment. All the sensors on the fuselage can work normally in the all-black environment without turning on lights.
The vacuum cleaner only supports 2.4G WiFi network.
Please take out the robot's dust box and main brush, dry the water stains with a dry cloth, and then put the robot in a ventilated place to dry. Remove the filter screen from the dust box and clean the dust box with the faucet. Please firmly dry the water and dirt on the filter screen and do not wash again. Dry them all before putting them back into use. Please replace the filter screen if it frequently prompts blockage.

Wrap up


For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner  from us and still have problem after using the firmware, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.


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