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Home > How To > Reasons and solutions for K88H smart watch step calculation problem
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Reasons and solutions for K88H smart watch step calculation problem

Reasons and solutions for K88H smart watch step calculation problem

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 8810 1

To analysis the reasons why the K88H smart watch step calculation function cannot work and how to solve this pedometer problem.

Most of us bought a smart watch is for the Health factor, to track and record how many exercise we do everyday and watch our health condition.

For many, the step calculation pedometer is an integral function K88H smart watch that we rely on for a visual check. However, there might be some problems during the use, for example, the step calculation function doesn't work. It must be the most annoying problem we don't want to meet.

However, it's a high rated problem that variety of brands smart watch or smart wristband users always meet, so does the popular K88H smart watch users.

For K88H smart watch owners who are experiencing a faulty pedometer, our quick fix guide will get them back and on target for their daily goals.

Why the K88H smart watch doesn't calculate the steps?

Actually this question can be divided into two aspects: the K88H watch pedometer function doesn't work and the pedometer function can't calculate accurate steps you actually walk. Let's see the reasons and corresponding solutions.

K88H doesn't calculate the steps

1. You don't open the smart watch or the power has run out.

◆ Check the smart watch is powered on or not → if not, long press the power button for a few seconds to launch it.

◆ If it has no reaction, it means the power has run out.

◆ Simply use the corresponding USB cable to connect the K88H smart watch to the power socket or the computer USB port to charge the power and then try it later.


2. You didn't turn on the step calculation function.

◆ Enter the main menu interface on your watch → find out the "Pedometer" icon → tap to get in and check whether you start the step calculation function or not → if not, tap "Start" to run the process.

Then walk with your K88H smart watch to test whether it's working now.


3. System error.

If the above two reasons are excluded, it probably mainly caused by the system error. The quickest way is to reset the device.

◆ Open your watch, enter the Settings interface → find out the Reset option → tap on it to reset.

Then the smart watch will automatically reset to the original state, the system error will be restored to normal condition. Launch the watch again and check to working performance. (Notice: the reset may remove all the data, back up all the files before you reset it.)

◆ If it still cannot work as usual, check the heart rate function is still working correctly or not, if not, refer the next reason.


4. Components break or quality issue.

If all the above solutions cannot solve the problem that the step calculation function still cannot work, the main cause should be the components damage or the product quality issue.

The most appropriate and insured way is to contact the official after-service center to fed back the issue. Or go directly to the authorized maintenance center to fix it. If it's the quality issue, you may exchange a new one.

K88H can't calculate the accurate steps

The principle of how pedometer feature works: 

On most smart watches and wristbands, the step calculation feature uses a 3-axis acceleration sensor and 6-axis sensor.

The 3-axis sensor works when we swing our arms, while the 6-axis sensor improves the data accuracy for multiple activities, e.g. walking, running, riding or climbing.

Different smart device has distinct algorithms. The movement data is processed using complicated algorithms before a visual number is generated, showing the final result on the watch display, such as steps walked, distance, calorie burn, etc.

After the general working principle introduction, you will understand the following reasons easier:

1. Your movements are not being detected.

The sensor tracks and records your steps through your action gestures - arm swing, strides, motion changes. Even the road flatness and gradient may effect the pedometer.

If your arms are always keeping the still gesture or your exercise behavior is too slow or soft, it will influence the sensor's movements detection and recording. Hence, some of your steps won't be record, the accuracy won't be so exact.

Behave more actively, swing your arms a little more stronger, simple as this.

2. The exercise doesn't meet the minimum trigger point.

The minimum trigger volume of K88H is 10 steps.

If you walk less than 10 steps, the number is still zero. Though the sensor can detect the steps and is calculating, it won't present the number on the display.

Only when you continuously walk more than 10 steps, all your walked steps will show up including the first 10 steps on the watch.

If you walked 10 steps, then you sit down, the steps will be cleared and won't be record.

To prevent miscounts, step counts under 10 are not cumulative. Otherwise, for example, your arms may move when you are sitting, the sensor may record the behavior as the exercise data, it's not right.

Walk continuously more than 10 steps, you will find the pedometer is much more close to the accurate steps.  


3. The algorithm is different.

Many of the users will compare the pedometer between different devices, like you may compare the steps data on your phone and your K88H watch or on the Xiaomi wristband and K88H watch. So you find out that data is different, then you think the K88H smart watch doesn't calculate the steps accurately.

As Principle paragraph explained, different apps have different algorithms, sure there will be some distinctions. In fact, most the watches and wristband has a trigger minimum volume but the cellphone will record every shake as a step.

Calm down, it's a common phenomenon (maybe a problem) among all the smart devices and apps, and it won't bother the accuracy too much.

4. The sensor sensitivity is different.

Sensor sensitivity will effect the result as well. The high sensitive sensor product is much easier to detect the exercise behavior than the low sensitive one. Sure the steps it records will be more than the later one's. But too sensitive or not is not good for offering you a real exercise data.

For instance, an over sensitive sensor will record every movement you did even the hand shakes as the exercise result while a numb sensor will miss recording lots of movements only when you strongly wave your arms. Gosh, too tired!

◆ You don't need to worry, the K88H smart watch has the premium quality with appropriate sensitivity sensor that will provide you the true walking steps data you really do.

Tip: If the above reasons are excluded, the most possible reason is the device damage. Contact to the after-service center for help or go to the authorized maintenance center to fix it.


Without doubts, K88H smart watch (K88H smart watch, 53% off now!) is great smart devicefor health and exercise enthusiasts. Hope this article has helped you solve the K88H smart watch step calculation issue. If you still issues regarding this watch, please contact us and we will provide technical support.

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