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Home > How To > Repair for Beginners: six tips to replace drone motor quickly
Repair for Beginners: six tips to replace drone motor quickly

Repair for Beginners: six tips to replace drone motor quickly

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-21 8445 0

Replace a drone motor can be a serious challenge if you are not familiar with the repair process. Fortunately there is only one method, suitable for all drone toys.

Tutorial Tips 1: Preparation

Things you need:

- Screwdriver

- Wire cutter

- Magnetic screw tray

- Soldering iron

- Solder

- Propeller remover ( optional )


Tutorial Tips 2: Disassemble body of drone

Before disassembling the drone, please write down the rotation ( clockwise or anti-clockwise ) of the motor you intend to replace. Then remove all the battery and propellers.

If the propellers are very tight, you can disassemble them with a propeller remover. Next step, remove the screws. Open the latches and remove carefully the upper cover of the drone.


Tutorial Tips 3: Take down the damaged motor

You will find out that the drone main board is connected with the motor thanks to two cables.

Red and blue wires stand for  motors that spin in a clockwise direction, while white and black wires stand for the motors spinning counter-clock wise.

Please remember to write down the wire colors and the connection point. This will provide guidance for your reference when installing new motors.

Remove the two wires carefully, then heat up the solder which is holding the wires to the main board. Gently press the tip of your soldering iron onto the solder.


Tutorial Tips 4: Install the new drone motor

Cut the new wires into an appropriate length (compare with the wires used before). Remove 2mm of insulation at the top of each wire. This is a careful work that need your patience.

Now it is time to solder the new motor wires onto the main board. Both wires should be soldered onto their proper position. For securing connection, make sure that at least 2mm of wire tip is covered in the solder.


Tutorial Tips 5: Inspect the new motor

The motor should spin in the right direction if you assemble it according to the proper color codes. If the motor spins in the wrong direction, you just need to swap the wires.

Make sure to hold the motor body when testing the motor’s rotation to prevent the motor from rising up.


Tutorial Tips 6: Assemble the drone body case

The final step is install the drone. Be careful not to clip any wire between the body of the shell. The drone body shells should fit together perfectly without any resistance.

Mount the screws and do not tighten them too tight. At last put battery and propellers in the right position.


That's all for now, it doesn't seem so hard anymore, right?

Some of these pictures are selected from network, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about them.

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