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Home > How To > Samsung Galaxy A80: How to perform a reset and factory setting
Samsung Galaxy A80: How to perform a reset and factory setting

Samsung Galaxy A80: How to perform a reset and factory setting

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-28 3556 0

Flagships like Samsung's S series offer a variety of features reserved exclusively for them. The target group is in principle pointed, so devices like Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 9 are aimed primarily at frequent users and technology Affine people. But the broad masses also want to be served. The Otto Normal consumer who needs everyday and, in the core, versatile functions. Samsung is holding spring cleaning and repositioning its middle class with the A range. Customers want large displays, but compact sizes and a good camera that is ready for snapshots at all times. In response to customer demand, South Koreans unveiled the Galaxy A80 in Milan.

Samsung Galaxy A80 – reset and factory settings

In the case of minor problems, the shutdown of the mobile device and the subsequent restart sometimes help. However, if the smartphone  permanently crashes and reacts slowly, a reset is recommended. It is, so to speak, the reset to the factory setting, so all personal data – account information or downloaded apps are removed –. As a result, you should create a backup beforehand. In the case of a sale of the smartphones, it is also appropriate to put the devices on factory settings beforehand, otherwise the buyer may still be able to access data from the seller. With the Samsung Galaxy A40, there are three variants to perform a reset.

Reset through settings

1. First, open the  "Settings" menu.


2. Then navigate to  "Backup and reset".


3. In the following options select   "Reset to factory settings".


4. Then tap on  "reset device"  and then on  "delete all". The data from the Samsung Galaxy will be deleted and the smartphones are back in their original state.


This variant is of course only applicable if you can still access the smartphone. If access is no longer guaranteed, the following method will help.

The recovery method

The recovery method allows the reset even when the device is switched off.


1. Turn off your smartphone .


2. Then hold down the "Power button" and the "Volume Down/Leiser" button for a few seconds until the Samsung logo appears. Then press the "Power" and "Volume Up/Lauter" button for a few seconds at the same time until you are in Android Recovery mode.


3. In recovery mode, you navigate using volume buttons and select "wipe data/factory reset." Then confirm the selection with the "Power" button.


4. Confirm the question of whether all data should be deleted with "YES."


5. After resetting "reboot system now," select to restart the smartphone.

Reset with one code

In addition, Samsung has the option of resetting the mobile device via a code. However, the reset begins immediately after entering the code, which is that there are no "confirmation boxes" or "warnings." The input is done via the number pad, where you type * 2767 * 3855 # and the smartphones are put back to their original state.

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