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Home > How To > Seven steps to fix your MacBook’s network problems
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Seven steps to fix your MacBook’s network problems

Seven steps to fix your MacBook’s network problems

By  Livio Defranza 2019-02-11 2707 0

In this article you will find some solutions that will help you to solve connection problems related to your MacBook.

MacBook nowadays is one of the most popular mobile devices, however, sometimes there could be several network problems due external factors or simply because we forgot to update our software in time. Connecting your MacBook to a local Wi-Fi requires few simple steps which we will mention in the text below.

First step: Wireless diagnostic

There is a time when Wi-Fi is already connected, but we can not yet access the Internet while our friends normally can do it with their MacBook. In this case, check first the Wi-Fi icon on your MacBook on a menu bar.

Recent versions of MacOS (starting from Mountain Lion versions) have a diagnostic tool which allows you to check your wireless network.


In the upper-right corner of your screen, click on the "Options" icon and then select Wi-Fi .

 Now you can click on"Open Wireless Diagnostics". Enter your login password if necessary,  and wait for the diagnostics to complete.

Second step: Restart your Wireless Connection

Except your MacBook, other devices cannot connect as well? In this case probably there's a problem with your network itself. It's always advisable to check if all network cables are well connected with your router.

Secondly, you should restart your router in order to reset your network connection. Sometimes it happens that due router updates, lost network connections and overheating, your router needs to restart and sort out all the data.   

Third step: Update your software

Have you recently updated MacOS and other system software? We suggest you to regularly check if there're new versions of MacOS software, so you keep your system updated and smooth. Once you notice new updates available for download don't wait more than one day to download it , otherwise later it might be a problem when you will not be able to connect.  


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Fourth step: Change network preferences

If you would like to connect your MacBook with a new Wi-Fi network or reset your Wi-Fi detection , head over to "System preferences' and click on ‘Network' icon.

Here you can see all available Wi-Fi devices in your surroundings.

Here you can choose "Set Service order" which basically allows you to choose which device will have advantage while connecting.

Fifth step: Check TCP/IP Settings

You can find out all basic informations about your connection by opening the "Network Utility" app. Here you can see "Info" icon, where you can look settings related to your router and report technical problems.


If you cannot see any IPv5 Address, that's a sign there's a connection error,  so we suggest you to click on"Renew DHCP Lease"and reset your network connections.

Sixth step: Remove your accessories

Some devices like USB 3.0 and Type C could interfere your network signal or create opposing signals. The easiest solution is to unplug these additional devices and restart your Wi-Fi connection to check if you can connect. If your connection will restore, that means that the devices you unplugged influence on your network connection.

In this case the only thing to do is avoiding these devices while you're connected or simply use it when you're offline.

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Seventh step: Get a network amplifier

Let's suppose you're just too far from your router and on the other hand, you would like to stay in your room to have some privacy. Sometimes your internet connection works fine, but your house is to big to cover all the rooms with a smooth internet connection.

You should consider to buy a WiFi amplifier which will additionally spread the connection throughout your home and ensure a stable connection during all the time.  

You can always find good amplifiers on our website, for instance we currently have in stock a Xiaomi WiFi amplifier which costs less than 15 bucks.

Nevertheless, we have a wide range of amplifiers on our website so just have a look and choose the best one for your daily needs.


Fixing your MacBook WiFi connection is not an rocket engineering challenge, just double-check if everything is working well, in case neither of these steps was enough to resolve your network problems, then just call your internet provider, maybe they can help you out to solve this problem by checking if your internet router is connected with the network system.

Was this article enough useful for you? If you would like to read another article related with network problems we suggest you to click here.


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