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Home > How To > Shopping tips for outdoor backpack
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Shopping tips for outdoor backpack

Shopping tips for outdoor backpack

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-06 6272 2

Outdoor backpack is a very general concept, and in general, the use of a backpack is differentiated based on activity and capacity. Backpacks are a necessity, whether it's a backpacking trip or a short hike in the mountains. A backpack can be used even for routine commuting.

Outdoor backpack 

The choice of a backpack

The choice of a backpack depends on what kind of journey you will undertake – business trips, leisure trips or long trips. Different kinds of trips need to carry different things on the road. How to choose a backpack? Here are some shopping tips.

Clear the activity type

Before choosing a backpack, it is necessary to make clear the activity type, time distance, travel season, climatic conditions, etc., and then choose a backpack according to the activity. Generally, you can choose a backpack with appropriate capacity according to the following rules:

hiking  backpack 

● Less than 30 liters: small backpack, suitable for general short hiking in the mountains, a day of hiking;

● 30-55 liters: multi-purpose backpack, mostly used for rock climbing, river climbing, hiking or weekend camping;

● 55-80 liters: widely used large backpack, mostly used for intermediate mountain, mountain walking and long days of long-distance crossing activities;

Clear the budget of purchasing bags

You know what you need, and then you have to decide how much you can spend, your budget, and what kind of bag you want to buy.

the backpack for climbing snow mountain 

The budget for hiking bags can be roughly divided into four categories:

● Below $70: The backpacks purchased in this type of budget are mostly doesn't have a carrying system, the quality is general, which is only suitable for casual hiking.

● $70-150: You can buy a relatively good backpack, suitable for outdoor new donkey short line hiking use. It has a better carrying system, and can meet the needs of general outdoor enthusiasts. If it is the occasional hiking, a product of this price is enough.

 $150-350: Most of the foreign brand products, many senior travelers use backpacks of this price range. Most of the major international brands are reliable except the price! Walking for a long time, finally have to upgrade to the price, so not as good as one pace reaches the designated position. [Strongly recommended]

● More than $350: Outdoor luxury category, such as some bird bags and some small crowdsourcing. General hikers cannot afford, only referred for the ashes of hikers and rich hikers.

Fit is everything

Osprey's boss describes the family's AG antigravity load as a "first love hug." Sure, a good backpack is like a lover in the open air. For a better outdoor experience, fit is very final, which is what we need to consider in the shopping process.

the backpack for outdoor traveling 

● Lightweight: everyone pursues the lightweight backpack, but the backpack will reduce the weight bearing capacity while sacrificing the self-weight. Therefore, we should not blindly pursue the lightweight backpack, but also simplify our own equipment, so as to meet the activity demand and not exceed the comfortable bearing range as far as possible.

lightweight backpack 

● Size selection: choose a backpack that fits your body type. The first thing to notice is the size of the saddle. Most manufacturers offer accurate advice on the size of the backpack for different torso lengths.

Learn other features

Other features are your requirements for some special features of the backpack, such as the ice pick mount, the inclined water cup bag, the staff tracking system (available at osprey) and other functional designs, as well as the quality of the accessories, the fabric, wear resistance, whether the buckle is multi-resistant, whether the zipper is YKK and other details. I won't go into that.

multi-purpose backpack 

"Share two tips at the end"

Following are some pack skills and permanent items for outdoor traveling.

Pack skills:

The backpack is ready, don't think that you can breathe a sigh of relief. How to pack properly is also very skillful. If you install it well,you can not only make your belongings fully accommodated, but also easy to take out when you use it. It can also relieve the pressure on your backpack and make you feel comfortable.Following are some pack skills:

 Put the sleeping bag on the bottom.

 The tent should be scattered to save space.

 The damp proof mat is too big, which can be tied up outside.

 Put water and heavy objects on the back and place them in the middle.

 Let's put the food on the top so as to take out them easily.

The basic rule is: put the heavy things on the upper and middle part of the backpack as far as possible to keep the center of gravity on the back. Put the commonly used items on the top, and properly use the waist bag, side pocket, top bag and external system.

Permanent items:

In addition to essential camping equipment, some items are essential and easily forgotten outdoors, and should be carried frequently in backpacks:

 Outdoor trinkets: Condoms/pads/bandages

 Lifesaving blanket: Make sure it stays dry, or it won't open

 Firestone: Outdoor fires are still important

●​ Light jacket: A light jacket will keep your nights out of the cold, even in summer.


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