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Home > How To > Should we really buy cheap stuff?
Should we really buy cheap stuff?

Should we really buy cheap stuff?

By  GB Blog Official 2016-11-11 3355 1

When facing the never-ending choice in a shop, the question is the same, which one should we choose? Cheap one? Expensive one? Best quality one? The most common point is, of course, the cheaper the better, but is this always true?


Good quality means long lifespan

One category, different prices, why? Actually, we all know the reason - the distinct quality level. Most of times a good quality product matches an higher price, and as long as the quality is better, the price is higher.

We often think when we buy a cheap item we have saved money and this makes us extremely happy. But the awful truth is that we have not. How long have you used that really cheap thing? Oh, you threw it away, right? And think about that expensive one, it is still there, isn't it?

food in supermarket

So, did you really save money? Look at the consequence, you didn't. We all have experienced this at least one time in our life, don't need further explanation.

sale fruit

Higher price often imply more safety

The same thing happens in the supermarket, or in any kind of shop. From food, to clothing, to the toilet paper. Similar product, different price. Why? It's due to the material. Low price means low cost in products manufacture procedure. So the cheap stuff are made of rough and low quality material. With no doubt, they are not healthy and safe as the high cost stuff. In an other word, higher price represents more healthy and safer item.

phones in sale

Good after-sale service provides better guarantee

Another thing to consider is the guarantee and the after sales service.

Advanced manufacturer supplies the guarantee and customer service to ensure the product quality and consumer's benefit, this of course may affect the price.

These are all things I experienced in my daily life and come also from stories of people around me. I am sure you can make no objection.

clothes shop

Of course, it doesn't mean the cheap products are all bad or the expensive goods are all good. There are always exceptions indeed.


◆ When you shop consider the quality, safety, and guarantee not just the price.

◆ When you buy an electronic product, or other long time use products, buy the middle-to-high level one at least.


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