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Home > How To > Six rumors of mobile phone harm to human body
Six rumors of mobile phone harm to human body

Six rumors of mobile phone harm to human body

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-13 1100 0

Many people hold different opinions about whether the mobile phone should be charged at the head of the bed. Is it true that the radiation is 100 times higher when the phone is charged?

 rumors of cell phone radiation

Question: where do you charge your phone at night? Option 1: of course is the bed, otherwise how to turn off the alarm clock conveniently? Option 2: I'm not sure about the claim of cell phone radiation! Option 3: stay away from the phone, not afraid of radiation, but fear of being injured by explosives.

In fact, since the birth of mobile phones, there have been numerous rumors of cell phone radiation. 

Rumor 1: The radiation during charging is 100 times higher than the normal radiation!

Fact: It is really a little bit higher than normal times, four times higher to 8.14V/m. The Grading Standard of Allowable Radiation Intensity for Environmental Electromagnetic Waves issued by the National Environmental Protection Agency points out that as long as the phone's electric field strength is less than 12V/m, it meets safety standards.

 charging radiation of the phone

As long as we buy a national 3C certified mobile phone, whether or not it is charging, the maximum radiation power will not exceed the national limit.

Rumor 2: If the signal of mobile phone is not good, the radiation increases a thousand times!

If the phone's signal is bad, the radiation will indeed increase, but it is not as exaggerated as the rumor has said. You can use it safely. This is the same with the increase of charging radiation of the phone, but it is in a safe and controllable range.

the signal of mobile phone is not good, the radiation increases a thousand times! 

Rumor 3: The radiation is greater near the communication base station

Fact: Wrong. If you're really far away from the base station, the signal gets worse and the radiation gets higher.

In fact, the higher the density of the mobile base station, the lower the electromagnetic radiation intensity of the corresponding base station; the closer our mobile phone is to the base station, the better the signal, the lower the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone to us, the safer.

The radiation is greater near the communication base station 

Moreover, our country carries out the strict control to the communication base station, taking the GSM base station of the 900MHz frequency as an example, the standard limit is 40 microwatts per square centimeter, which is ten times lower than the standard of the developed countries in Europe (450 microwatts per square centimeter).

Rumor 4: Large amount of cell phone call lead to ear heat and headache due to large radiation.

Rumor 4: Large amount of cell phone call lead to ear heat and headache due to large radiation.

Telephone headaches, ear problems are more likely due to the posture of the person making the call, and symptoms of hearing fatigue, which have nothing to do with cellphone radiation.

Large amount of cell phone call lead to ear heat and headache due to large radiation. 

According to an otolaryngologist at a city hospital, the discomfort caused by making phone calls over a long period of time is caused by stimulation of the external auditory canal, and sometimes by excessive volume.

Rumor 5: Pregnant women wearing radiation protective clothing can protect the fetus

Fact: There are only two real effects for pregnant women to wear radiation protective clothing. One is psychological comfort; the other is to, let others recognize you are pregnant.

In fact, the principle of anti-radiation clothing is like an elevator with a closed door. There is no cell phone signal inside. The radiation protective clothing for pregnant women is to add metal to the fabric and shield the electromagnetic wave from the principle of Faraday cage.

But the suit is actually an "elevator" with the door open all the time. Its cellphone radiation doesn't do anything to stop it.

Besides, what pregnant women really need to pay attention to is frequent radiation exposure (such as Gamma rays, X rays, ambient rays, etc.), while computers, televisions and mobile phones in daily life are basically safe.

Rumor 6: Cell phones in pocket kill sperm

Fact: It is false. The real spermicidal factor to worry about is bad living habits(Smoke, drink, stay up and steam sauna), Surroundings(Environmental pollution, heavy metals and high temperature working environment), reproductive system diseases(Varicocele, cryptorchidism, congenital testicular dysplasia).

Cell phones in pocket​ 

Scientists say cell phone radiation kills sperm because they've done the “sperm in vitro” Experiment. In conclusion, the sperm is exposed to the air without the protection of the orchis, really affected by cell phone radiation, but this experimental conclusion is not persuasive.


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