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Home > How To > Solve Bluboo Picasso smartphone 3 sound problems
Solve Bluboo Picasso smartphone 3 sound problems

Solve Bluboo Picasso smartphone 3 sound problems

By  GB Blog Official 2018-02-19 1873 4

In this tutorial guide, we will show you how to solve Bluboo Picasso smartphone has voice echo, loud noise, or totally no sound during a phone call.
 I hear an echo during a phone call or internet call.
 I can't hear any sound when making a phone call.
 The Bluboo Picasso has noise during a phone call.
Bluboo Picasso sound problems during making a phone call

I heard an echo during a phone call or internet call.

Heard echo while making a call with Bluboo Picasso smartphone is annoying, here are some solutions for you:

● Change a place to make a call. If you are in a room that has many electronic signals, go outside and see if the echo stops. If the voice echo disappears, that means the phenomenon is caused by signal and outside environment, instead of your Bluboo phone itself.

● If the Bluboo Picasso phone is in a protective case, take it out to check if the echo disappears because some cases cause voice echo.

● Charge your phone and restart it. Low battery and too many programs running in background may cause your phone creates echo during a phone call.

Use a headphone / earphone and make a phone call. If it still has an echo, the problem may be caused by hardware, signal, and others. Try the previous solutions to exclude the problem. If the echo disappears, the problem is caused by phone hardware, you should contact the producer for aftersale service.

I can't hear any sound when making a phone call.

● Maybe the protective film, phone cover or even your hand block the speaker. Remove those protective things and make sure your hand doesn't block the phone speaker.

● The volume is too low or the phone is in silent mode. Adjust the volume to the phone's maximum call volume, turn off the silent mode.

● The Bluboo Picasso is connected to a headphone, so you can't hear any sound from the speaker. Unplug the headset from headphone jack if you have plugged it into the headphone jack.

● Bad network condition results in there are no sound during calls. Check the phones' signal, if it's not full, move to another place, where the phones have stable and full signal, to test again.

● The phone in another side has problem. Make phone calls to other guys, if the Bluboo Picasso works properly, your phone is fine.

● The inserted SIM card has problem. Power off your phone, remove the SIM card, wait for a while and insert the card again. Turn on the phone, test if you can hear sound during a call. If it still doesn't work, change another SIM card to try again.

If the previous methods don't solve your problem, backup the data and factory reset your phone. Or else, ask the seller for help.

The Bluboo Picasso has noise during a phone call.

● Generally, this problem is caused by bad network condition. In such case, the caller and receiver should move to other places to get better network signal (How to check the actual signal strength on your phone). You can change the phone to a network with a stronger signal like 2G or 3G, then test if the noise disappears or not.

● Press and hold the power button to power off your phone, take out its SIM card, wait for a while, reinsert the card and turn on the phone. Make a call to check if the noise persists. If it still has noise during a call, change another SIM card to check again.

● System malfunction causes it has noise. Backup the data on your phone, then restore the Bluboo Picasso to factory reset. If factory resetting doesn't help, the telephone receiver or speaker has something wrong, you could contact the seller to fix the problem.

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For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Bluboo Picasso 3G smartphone from us and still have calling and sound problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible.

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