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Home > How To > Solve Teclast X80 Pro boot & SD card issues
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Solve Teclast X80 Pro boot & SD card issues

Solve Teclast X80 Pro boot & SD card issues

By  Sophia Windsor 2017-09-16 12074 1

This troubleshooting guide mainly highlights on boot and SD card problems for Teclast X80 Pro tablet. The following solutions are prepared here for helping you.

Teclast X80 Pro tablet

1. My X80 Pro tablet cannot boot.

● Your tablet battery may be running in low power. If the tablet doesn't respond after pressing the power button, you can connect the tablet to the adapter and charge it for about 30 - 60 minutes to see if it can boot.

● It may be caused by the faulty adapter or charging cable. Change another effective adapter and charging cable to charge for your tablet. If your tablet can restart after a few minutes charging, your adapter or charging cable must be damaged. Just change a new adapter and charging cable (original adapter and charging cable are highly recommended).

Teclast X80 Pro tablet new adapter and charging cable

● This may be the result of a system problem. Connect your X80 Pro tablet to the adapter and charge it for about one hour. Then long press the power button for about 15 seconds to perform a mandatory reset. Reboot the tablet 5 - 10 seconds later.

● The BIOS chip in your tablet may be damaged. In this case, you will need to re-flash the BIOS. The BIOS must be flashed with special fixture after dismantling your tablet and you can't operate it through USB flash disk, so we advise you to ask for professional assistance.

● The power button of your tablet may be broken. Examine it carefully. If there is any damage or malfunction with the power button, it may be something wrong with the FPC flat cable. You should take your tablet to a repair store to check and fix.

● This problem can also be caused by the poor battery. If the charge indicator flashes when charging and it displays 100% power after restarting, while the tablet powers off once disconnected to the adapter. Your tablet battery may go wrong. Just take your tablet to a repair store to change a new battery.

● The display defect can also result in the booting problem. If your tablet screen displays backlight when booting it, but the backlight disappears after long pressing the power button, your tablet screen may be damaged. You need to change a new one.

● But there may be other possibilities: if your tablet has been dropped recently, the internal FPC cable may fall off. In this case, a professional repair is needed.

● If all the solutions are excluded, it may due to the hardware fault. Contact the after-sale service to have a factory repair, alternatively, go to a local repair shop to have it fixed.

2. The SD card cannot be read/recognized by X80 Pro tablet.

● The SD card may be incompatible with your Teclast X80 Pro tablet or it is a shoddy. You can change another available SD card to check if your tablet can read. If another SD card can be detected on your tablet, It might due to your SD card problem. We suggest using some reliable branded SD cards, such as MIXZA TOHAOLL SDXC Micro SD Memory Card, SAMSUNG SD card, Original SanDisk 32GB TF to SD Card Adapter Set, and so forth.

Micro SD Memory Card

● You can also try formatting your USB flash disk. This operation will wipe all the data in your USB flash disk, so you should back up all the important files on your computer or other devices before doing that.

● The maximum SD card capacity that the tablet can support is 128GB, so any SD card capacity over 128GB will not be available to your tablet (Just feel free use 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB. )

● When switch another operating system, you'd better take out the SD card. Then install the SD card after the system gets loaded successfully.

● The issue may be blamed for a dirty SD card slot. Please remove your SD card and clean the SD card slot with a soft cloth. Then, insert the SD card to see if the problem disappears.

● Your tablet's system may have something wrong, try doing a factory reset for your tablet. For Android system, go to Settings and scroll down to the Factory Reset. And for Windows System, go to Settings - Update & security - Recovery - Reset this PC and press Get Started. Warning: You should back up all important data before resetting.

● If it still doesn't help, try re-flash the Operating System of your tablet. (You can download the Teclast X80 Pro tablet firmware from its official website.)

● If all the workarounds above even don't solve the problem, your tablet's SD card slot or the related card reader hardware is damaged. Contact our after-sales service for help or go to the professional repair store to ask for further technical assistance.

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Have the above solutions helped you out of the problems? If you have any other issues about your Teclast X80 Pro Tablet not covered in this post, feel free to submit your questions at our Support Center. We will try our best to deal with your problems as soon as possible.


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