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Home > How To > Solve TW64 smart watch Bluetooth pairing & charging issues
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Solve TW64 smart watch Bluetooth pairing & charging issues

Solve TW64 smart watch Bluetooth pairing & charging issues

By  Adeline Belluz 2018-01-06 19353 7

If you are confusing about the TW64 sports watch Bluetooth connection or don't know how to resolve TW64 bracelet not charging problem, continue reading this troubleshooting guide.

TW64 smart sports watch

Bluetooth connection issues

Search and download "Movnow Plus" or "Movnow Q2" from Android market or Apple store. just login Movnow Plus if you already have an account, or else click "New user" to create an account. Then log in the app with your account.

create an account of Movnow Plus

Open the Bluetooth of TW64 smart watch and your phone, then pair the devices via Bluetooth: Connect & Sync - Searching - enter the password shows on your watch (try "1234" if you don't know the password).

pair TW64 smart watch with phone via Movnow app

Finally, you have login the app successfully. Then you can do some settings and start to use the TW64 smart sports watch.

If you fail to connect your smart watch to a cell phone and make sure you have opened Bluetooth on the phone and watch, try the following solutions:

Check if the phone OS is compatible with TW64 smart watch. The sports watch supports Android 4.3 / iOS 6.1 or above system, if your phone's system is not meet the requirement, you can't connect the bracelet to your cell phone through Bluetooth.

Check the Bluetooth version of your phone. The Bluetooth version of TW64 smart watch is Bluetooth 4.0, if the phone's Bluetooth version is lower than 4.0, the two devices won't pair successfully.

Clear the Bluetooth connection history on your phone. After that, search the smart band's Bluetooth and pair again.

Make sure there is no obstacle between the devices and the distance is less than 10 meters (within 5 meter will be better). If there is a wall between the smart watch and your phone, you may have difficulty in connecting the Bluetooth devices.

Turn off and then turn on your phone's Bluetooth, or restart your phone to try again.

Pair the TW64 smart watch with another phone (Android 4.3 /iOS 6.1 or above system). If it connects successfully, your previous phone has problem; If it still doesn't, the smart watch has problem, please contact the seller for help.

If there is a wall or other obstacle between the watch and phone, the Bluetooth connection will become unstable.

Keep the two devices within 10 meters. The watch will disconnect from your phone if it stays far away from the phone, and it will connect automatically once it's closer to the phone.

If the smart watch disconnect from your phone frequently through the distance between them is within 10 meters, that's because your phone system has poor compatibility. Thus, connect the watch to another compatible phone (Android 4.3 / iOS 6.1 or above system).

Charging issues

If your smart watch cannot be charged, try the following solutions:

how to charge the TW64 smart watch

Plug in the USB cable several times or move the smart watch slightly.

Maybe the touch point on smart watch is oxidized. Use a knife shave the point slightly.

Change another power supply, charging cable or adapter.

Charge the watch at least 3 hours, then press the power button to boot it up.

If none of above methods work, maybe the battery has problem, contact the aftersale service for help.

Generally speaking, TW64 can last about a week for normal usage and has 3 months of standby time. But in actual using, the working time depends on how you use it - if you open all functions at the same time, it will run out of battery power quickly. If you haven't open any function and its battery drains fast after fully charged, maybe the battery has problem, contact aftersale service for help.

For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased TW64 smart watch from us and still has problem, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible.

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