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Home > How To > Solving the common issues about Alfawise U20 3D Printer
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Solving the common issues about Alfawise U20 3D Printer

Solving the common issues about Alfawise U20 3D Printer

By  Steve Lowry 2019-03-02 14778 1

Alfawise U20 is a wonderful 3D printer for professionals and amateurs. It is very easier to set up, you just need about 5 minutes to finish assembly. It has a high cost - performance - any DIY enthusiast cannot resist. Maybe when you print a product, suddenly there comes a problem you can't solve, isn't it annoying? Here this post will give you some solutions about Alfawise U20 3D Printer to solve the common issues.

Alfawise U20 3D Printer


Features of Alfawise U20 3D Printer:


The maximum temperature of the hot bed is 95℃.
It's our own developed motherboard with STM32 chip but is not Arduino.
It uses 4988 stepper drivers.
Alfawise U20 is not used firmware open source Marlin.
The Alfawise U20 used the MK8 Nozzle M6 thread.
Two-phase four-wire 42 stepper motor with an angle of 1.8 degrees.
Yes, U20 and U30 is straight-through all-metal hot end.
In theory, a 0.1mm nozzle can be used, but it is easy to block.


Alfawise U20 3D Printer Screen issues:


1. The screen is frozen, white screen, and cannot be used, what to do?

Remove all the screws, open the control box and replug the screen wiring. Please note the plug direction, you can refer to the picture below:


Remove all the screws and open the control box 


2. The screen is not working well and the touch screen function is not working well, how to do?

The screen needs to be recalibrated, please download the latest firmware, extract the firmware to the root directory, insert the SD card into the machine, restart the machine and the firmware will be automatically updated. After the firmware is updated, the screen will be prompted to calibrate, and click "calibrate" according to the prompt. Calibration instructions: How to calibrate the screen (calibration software: Xcom V2.0)


Alfawise U20 3D Printer Heat issues:


1.Why the Nozzle of Alfawise U20 3D Printer can't heat?


adjusting to the resistance file 200 ohms 

Adjust to the resistance file 200 ohms, pull out the joint on the extrusion end of the control box, the black pen and the red pen are connected to the 1 and 2 connectors, and the resistance is normal at around 14 ohms.


2.Why the hot bed of Alfawise U20 3D Printer can't heat?

Please detect the hot bed, more details operation: Detection of Hot bed.


3. Why the screen display "Cold" or "Hot"?


(1) Why the "Cold" display on the below of the screen?

If you have multimeter, you can follow this guide: "Cold" below(multimeter)

If you don’t have multimeter, you can follow this guide: "Cold" below (without multimeter)


(2) Why the "Cold" display on the above of the screen?

If you have multimeter, you can follow this guide: "Cold" above (without multimeter)

If you don’t have multimeter, you can follow this guide: "Cold" above(multimeter)


(3)Why the "Hot" display on the above of the screen?

Please follow this guide:"Hot" appears on the above of main interface.


(4)Why the "Hot" display on the below of the screen?

Please follow this guide: "Hot"(below).


Other issues:


1. Why is the movement of XY axis not smooth and there is great resistance?

You can adjust Nylon wheels to adjust the friction: How to adjust the wheel of Alfawise U20 3D Printer


2.How to adjust the screw (Z axis)?

Loosen the two screws,Moving the z-axis on the main control interface allows you to continuously adjust the attempt multiple times. This is to correct the axis.


how to adjust the screw (Z axis) 


3.Where to download the Alfawise U20 Firmware?

You can go to GB blog download the firmware: Alfawise U20 3D printer ROM firmware pack


4.How to configuration the Cura software?

Here is the configuration operation.


Wrap up

For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Alfawise U20 Large Scale 2.8 inch Touch Screen DIY 3D Printer from us and still have problem after reading the post, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.


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