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Home > How To > Stay in charge: fix the top 4 battery issues for robot cleaners
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Stay in charge: fix the top 4 battery issues for robot cleaners

Stay in charge: fix the top 4 battery issues for robot cleaners

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-22 2481 0

Home Robot Cleaners are the wave of the future. Stay in charge easily and learn how to resolve the 4 most common battery issues.

1. Battery can’t be charged

● Make sure the switch has been turned on

● If the switch is on but it’s still not charging, use a different charging method ( charging base or adapter ), there are 2 reasons:

a) The charging base can’t work

● Wipe the two electrodes at the bottom of the cleaner to ensure a clean contact.

● Check whether the indicator light on the base is on. If it’s not, the socket is not compatible with the charging base; use the AC adapter and connect it directly with the cleaner.

● Avoid placing the machine into the charging dock by hand. The dock’s electrodes are small to be targeted accurately.

● Guide the robot back to the charging dock 
automatically. Place the robot in front of the charging dock and press the HOME button.

b) The adapter is the issue

● Change the adapter: you can contact our after-sales to replace it with an entirely new one.

● Note: you must use the corresponding model adapter, to prevent damage to your cleaner.

2. Activate the battery correctly

● For a brand new robot vacuum cleaner, you need to activate the battery first.

● Charge the robot for three minutes, then take it off the charger. Charge for three minutes again, then take it off the charger for several seconds.

● Repeat the above actions three times (5 short cycles).

● Finally, charge the robot for 12 continuous hours.


3. Is the Li-ion battery safe enough?

● Due to the small battery size and power, charging it will not lead to excessive heat or other issues.

● International experts generally consider the battery to be safe and reliable.


4. Why is the power running out so quickly?

● Place the cleaner on the charging dock, or turn off the power switch when unused.

● Check whether the suction inlet is blocked by debris, otherwise the electric charge is too low. Clean the inlet and all vents, and charge immediately.

● Check whether the dust box is full as this can compromise suction.

● The battery may be damaged / old. Contact technical support if you have tried the previous steps without success.

For the purpose of this new article, the featured image(s) were sourced from the internet. For any issue, please contact us, and we will deal with the matter promptly.

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