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Home > How To > Step-by-step instructions for permanently deleting a WhatsApp group!
Step-by-step instructions for permanently deleting a WhatsApp group!

Step-by-step instructions for permanently deleting a WhatsApp group!

By  Adeline Kuang 2019-05-09 2311 0

The best and most convenient personal messaging app yet is none other than WhatsApp. Creating groups and sending bulk messages is especially useful for marketing professionals, but sometimes these groups start to get confused with frequent and repetitive messages.

WhatsApp groups

Some groups are intended for specific purposes to discuss things, time and place openly with all participants. Whatever the reason, WhatsApp groups can be deleted. Many of us believe that leaving the WhatsApp group and deleting from our device also deletes the group, but that's not the case.

Today we will use this post to tell our readers how to permanently delete a WhatsApp group. By "permanent," we mean that a WhatsApp group cannot be deleted once it is deleted.

To permanently delete a WhatsApp group

Depending on the purpose and text of the WhatsApp group you are in, this may be repulsive or delightful. Some groups are really captivating, while others spam text and images unnecessarily.

Therefore, those groups that have no sense to be part delete. How's that? Well, there's another solution to deleting the WhatsApp groups one by one. In this article we have put together some important options for you.

To delete the WhatsApp group as a member

Typically, to delete a WhatsApp group, you must have administrator access to that particular group. If you are not an administrator, you can also delete the group.

Although this group is only deleted from your device, you can no longer see the messages and other media in this group on your device. To delete a WhatsApp group only from your device, follow the steps below.

● Open your WhatsApp account.

● Go to the group you want to delete.

● Tap the group name.

● You see all the details associated with the group.

● Simply scroll down to search for the End Group option.

● A pop-up window appears to confirm that you have left the group.

● Tap Finish again and you are no longer a member of this group.

● Although you are not a member of the group, the group will no longer appear in your chat history.

● To delete a group, call up the group info window again.

Scroll down to search for the Delete Group option.

● Click it.

● This allows you to remove unwanted groups from your device. If you delete the group as described above, you will not receive any messages or media from this group. The other group members receive a notification that you have left the group.

How an administrator can delete a WhatsApp group

An administrator always has permission to delete a WhatsApp group he created, or has been authorized by other administrators. When an administrator deletes the group, it is deleted for all members and participants.

This means that if an administrator deletes the group, other members cannot interact, even if they do not leave the group. To permanently delete a WhatsApp account, follow these steps:

● Go to the group you want to delete.

● Tap the group name.

● You see the list of all members of the group.

● Remove all members of the group from your administrator privileges.

● After you have removed all members, click on the "End group" option.

● Then the option "Delete group" appears.

● Click the "Delete" button.

And this is it to permanently delete WhatsApp groups if you are an administrator. This works uniformly on all platforms, including iPhone and Android.

A WhatsApp group is of course a source of fun, entertainment and information, but it becomes a headache to receive time messages that lead to distractions and ultimately irritation.

The best way to leave such groups is to delete them permanently. We've covered all the possible circumstances in which you might want to delete your WhatsApp group, so let us know if any of your questions have not been answered. We will contact you with the best possible resolution. Visit our blog for more information.


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