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Home > How To > STOP! 5 big mistakes you make when charging your phone
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STOP! 5 big mistakes you make when charging your phone

STOP! 5 big mistakes you make when charging your phone

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 3925 1

Simple mistakes have a huge impact on your battery's life. Avoid them by understanding that there's more to battery charging than just plug and go.

correct way to charge

Some batteries come with a finite number of charge cycles. Once they reach this physical limit, they start deteriorating.


Although you can use apps to manage and extend your battery’s life, you still have to follow good charging practices to get the most out of your battery. Batteries come in 3 types:

   • Nickel-cadmium

   • Lithium Polymer

   • Lithium Ion


Each one has its own unique characteristics, so they need to be handled differently.


how to charge phones in right way

1. Plugged in and fully charged

If your phone has been charged 100%, make sure you unplug it.


If you continue charging it, you’ll damage the battery and reduce its performance. This is particularly true for those of us who leave our phones on charge all night.


Charging puts the battery under high stress. Once it reaches 100 percent you need to give it a break from this high stress activity.


2. Leaving the case on

Guilty as charged? Most of us are.


We tend to leave our cases on when we want to urgently charge our phones. This traps heat while the battery is being charged and leads to overheating.


Next time you’re looking for ways to prolong your battery’s life, try sliding off that case first. It will dissipate excess heat and leave your phone up and running for a few more years.


leave the case off when charging

3. Fully discharging then recharging

Lithium-ion batteries don’t have to be fully discharged before they’re plugged in. It’s a good idea to plug the phone in when the battery is at 50%.


charge your phone when it's 50% power


Lithium-ion batteries fluctuate and become unpredictable when the charge drops too low. To prevent them from running out of power, keep an eye on them and carry a spare charger along, just in case you need to top up the battery.

4. Constantly aiming for 100%

If you’re constantly plugging in your phone to keep it fully charged, you’re doing more harm than good. Your phone will run well if the battery level lies between 30 and 80 percent.


So quit reaching for that charger and enjoy your phone instead.


fully charge your phone

5. Using the wrong charger

It’s a good idea to stick to the charger that came with the phone. Batteries come with pre-set charging circuits.


These circuits control charging speed and they know how much charge the battery requires. Switching the charger only messes things up.


You end up damaging the battery and reducing its lifespan.


If you use cheaper chargers that are compatible with your device, you can also run the risk of flooding your phone with extra charge.


That’s all! We hope this article is helpful – just follow the guidelines and enjoy your battery for longer.



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