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Home > How To > Tech lowdown: how do I use Miracast correctly?
Tech lowdown: how do I use Miracast correctly?

Tech lowdown: how do I use Miracast correctly?

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 5616 1

Miracast is awesome. It's a wireless display standard included in Windows 8.1, Android 4.2, and newer versions of these operating systems.

With a Miracast receiver plugged into a TV or another display nearby, casting your screen should be easy as 1-2-3.

This feature is also available on devices running Amazon's fire OS and Microsoft's Windows phone 8.1 and newer. Bear in mind that, although powerful, Miracast can be sometimes finicky and problematic.

1. How to use Miracast on Windows 8.1+ OS device

If your computer came with Windows 8.1 or even Windows RT 8.1, it should support Miracast.

If you've upgraded an old PC to Windows 8.1, it may or may not support Miracast. You may have to get the latest drivers from Windows update or your computer manufacturer's website before you'll see the "Add a wireless display" option below.

Miracast depends on having a "clean" networking stack, so programs that interfere with the networking stack — VirtualBox, VMware, and similar applications — may need to be uninstalled before this option will appear.

◆ To access the Miracast options, swipe in from the right.

◆ Alternatively, press Windows key + C and select the devices charm.

◆ Click or tap the "Project" option.

◆ If you see an "add a wireless display" option, your computer supports Miracast.

◆ To actually project to a Miracast device, tap or click the add a wireless display option and select the device in the list.

To disconnect from the wireless display, open the devices charm, tap or click the project option, and click the disconnect button under the wireless display.

tap the Project option

The following options are also available in the PC setting:

◆ Click or tap the change PC settings link at the bottom of the Settings charm to access it.

◆ Navigate to PC and devices > devices.

◆ To scan for nearby Miracast receivers, tap add a device.

◆ Any Miracast receivers you've added will be listed under projectors.

add a device

2. How to use Miracast on Android 4.2+ OS device

Miracast TV Dongle is available on Android 4.2+ devices.

◆ First, open your device's settings screen

◆ Under the device section, tap display.

◆ Scroll down on the display screen and tap cast screen.

◆ Tap the menu button at the top of your screen and select enable wireless display.

◆ Your phone will scan for nearby Miracast devices and display them in a list under cast screen.

◆ If your MIracast receiver is powered on and nearby, it should appear in the list.

enable wireless display

Tap the device to connect and begin casting your screen.

A notification will appear, providing a visible indication that you're casting your screen. To disconnect, pull down the notification shade and tap the disconnect button.

casting screen

You can also cast from the quick settings screen if you've enabled the wireless display feature under cast screen.

Pull down with two fingers from the top of your screen to open quick settings, tap the cast screen button

You'll see a list of nearby devices you can cast to. Tap one to start casting.

quick settings screen

If your computer, smartphone, or tablet supports Miracast and you have a Miracast receiver nearby, it should be this easy. Miracast uses Wi-Fi Direct so the devices don't even have to be on the same network to communicate with each other.

Issues with your home network or router shouldn't even be a factor. This should simplify things, but Miracast-enabled devices often refuse to work together or have issues with playback glitches and dropped streams even after they connect.

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