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Home > How To > Tech lowdown: install any motherboard in 7 easy steps
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Tech lowdown: install any motherboard in 7 easy steps

Tech lowdown: install any motherboard in 7 easy steps

By  GB Blog Official 2016-11-12 1702 1

The motherboard is the ultimate backbone of any desktop computer. Here is a step-by-step post about how to install motherboard.

Also referred to as mobo, main board or system board, it's critical because all of the components are plugged into it.

How to install motherboard?

Therefore, ensuring that you install it correctly is the very first step towards successfully building your own desktop computer. This article is about how to install your motherboard.

build your own desktop computer

Step 1

◆ Open the computer case.

◆ Remove both side panels for easy access to the main board tray.

◆ Some cases have a removable main board tray so to make installation much easier.

Step 2

◆ Ground yourself to prevent damaging the motherboard.

◆ Discharge any electrostatic charge you may have before getting started. For example, you can touch a water tap to discharge your electrostatic charge.Or you can also wear an anti-static wrist strap.

Step 3

◆ Replace the I/O panel shield, which is located at the rear of the case.

◆ Find the standoffs and install them.

◆ Connect as many standoffs as possible, but do not use any extra standoffs.

◆ And then lace your motherboard on the standoffs; the holes and the standoffs should all line up.

◆ Start securing the motherboard with screws. Please pay attention that the screws are tightened firmly but not too tight.

Step 4

◆ Install all the individual components such as CPU, CPU cooler, and RAM.

◆ Then connect the power supply.

◆ If you are not sure about which cable to use, just refer to your power supply's documentation.

Step 5

◆ Connect the front panel. 

◆ Locate the wires of power switch, reset switch, power LED, HDD LED, USB ports, and speaker.

◆ Connect them to the appropriate pins on the motherboard.

Step 6

◆ Connect the fans and install the drives.

◆ Make sure that you attach your SATA hard drives and optical drives to the correct SATA ports on your motherboard.

◆ Finally insert the last component - the video card.

Step 7

◆ After everything has been securely connected, you can start tidying up the wiring.

◆ Good cable management is important for access to components as well as heat dissipation.

◆ Close up the case and now you have completed the installation of motherboard.


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